Dean Taylor Highlights SUNSET® MAP English Cucumbers for Foodservice

Dean Taylor Highlights SUNSET® MAP English Cucumbers for Foodservice

LEAMINGTON, ON - When I think of cucumbers, I think of versatility. And when I think of SUNSET®, I think of flavor and innovation. Combine the two and you get a produce category great: SUNSET® MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) English Cucumbers. With foodservice top-of-mind for driving trends and building tasteful creations, SUNSET® joins me to discuss this popular product, and what makes it a go-to for menus across North America.

Dean Taylor, Director Of Sales, SUNSET®

“Today’s chefs want speed and convenience in the kitchen,” Dean Taylor, Director Of Sales, tells me as we look into the needs of foodservice. “By packing these in a MAP bag instead of individually wrapping the cukes, time is saved. And because they are packed with a minimum weight instead of just count, operators are able to manage their costs precisely.”

Tuna Crudo and SUNSET® English Cucumbers

If a chef can give a dish a little extra love over spending time dealing with the challenges of packing, I would say, go for the love. These new 24-count, minimum 20 lb. styles, packed in Extend™ Modified Atmosphere bags are perfect for the high volume operators looking to control portion cost and reduce labor. 

SUNSET® MAP English Cucumbers

The cucumbers are also ready-to-wash and create less waste without the individual shrink-wrapping of each cucumber. There are so many perks to reduced packaging, with twice the cucumbers per box.

Vietnamese Cucumber Chorizo Salad

“SUNSET® is a pioneer in the greenhouse industry and is the first to have a dedicated foodservice only team,” Dean shares. “SUNSET® provides a nation-wide delivered program to Restaurant Chains, Broad-line Foodservice Distributors and select Independent Produce Specialists.”

Whether they are sliced into a cool drink during the heat of summer, shaved onto a salad with cherry tomatoes and crumbled goat cheese, or simply chopped into a salsa or relish for zing–cucumbers are always in my consumer basket. And now the foodservice chef’s as well.


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