Behind the Greens: Frank Donio Inc. Unveils its Commitment to Sustainability

HAMMONTON, NJ - At Frank Donio, Inc., sustainability is at the forefront of company’s overall mission for success. Operating a business that utilizes the land means sustainability is not only beneficial to the quality of the products, but also part of a larger responsibility to be good stewards of the land.

In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that more than 30 percent of edible food goes to waste. Food waste contributes the largest volume of material in the U.S. landfills, making up to 21 percent of the waste stream. Donio’s is committed to not only reducing this negative impact on the land but to also replenish it using recycled food waste.

From practices including traditional composting methods and vermicomposting, to encouraging food waste prevention in the office and partnering with local businesses throughout the community, sustainability is a part of everyday life at Donio’s. Waste is transformed using the same processes that occur in nature into a nutrient-rich product used to replenish the soil.

Sustainability for Frank Donio, Inc. is about maintaining the balance between People, Planet, and Profit. All three sides win when healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables are responsibly grown. Reducing waste, creating natural fertilizers, reducing the use of artificial fertilizers, and replenishing the earth with essential nutrients results in products with the highest quality and value.

Consumers today are increasingly more concerned with how and from where their food is sourced, and the practices of the companies they buy from. With Donio’s, both the retailer and the consumer can rest assured that their fresh food is grown and handled in safe and natural ways, guided by sustainability.

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