Brenda Briggs Discusses Rice Fruit Company's Holiday Merchandising Tips and Solutions

Brenda Briggs Discusses Rice Fruit Company's Holiday Merchandising Tips and Solutions

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GARDNERS, PA - Vendors who bring a tool kit of opportunities to their retail partners create not only value for themselves but their customers by extension—an asset that is essential this holiday season. As we look to winter celebrations and beyond, Rice Fruit Company is bringing its apple merchandising guide to the table, promoting retail excellence for its buy-side partners.

Brenda Briggs, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rice Fruit Company“Today, the U.S. market offers consumers over 100 different apple varieties. At a typical store, consumers could select from 10 fresh apple varieties, usually a blend of traditional and branded varieties. Often, the purchase decision falls on one of the following three influences: cost, familiarity, or appearance,” Brenda Briggs, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, shares with me. “It is critical to strategize price, placement, and promotion of apples during the busy holiday season—especially during high inflation and an ever-changing retail landscape. Data shows that busy shoppers are making more frequent visits to the store, but purchasing fewer items each time.”

As Brenda continues to reveal, the produce department is the most frequently visited of any fresh foods and provides a host of opportunities to enhance the store experience for shoppers while driving sales for retailers.

From attention-grabbing displays to creative cross-promotions, Rice Fruit Company is helping its retail partners create an enticing atmosphere in the produce department

“By leveraging consumer insights and market trends, Rice Fruit has crafted strategies that not only showcase the quality and freshness of their apples but also create an enticing atmosphere in produce departments during the holidays,” Brenda adds.

Here are some of the key strategies, direct from the source, Rice Fruit:

  • Relative Value: Consumers will base their purchase decision on the relative value apples deliver, compared to other competitive categories. Apples are versatile and elevate holiday meals, desserts, or drinks, making them a valuable selection. Promote core varieties during the holidays, especially bagged or tote offerings. Leverage consumers’ varietal loyalty toward regional favorites like Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, *limited-time* Heritage varieties like McIntosh, and new favorites like Ambrosia and SnapDragon by promoting them for baking, cooking, and even decorating during the holidays. Honeycrisp apples should always be featured prominently in the display, as they continue to be a top seller in the category.
  • Attention-Grabbing Displays: Product placement within the produce department should be optimized. Encourage shoppers to include apples in their holiday meals and snacks by highlighting the wide variety of apple varieties and their potential applications in holiday recipes. Create an eye-catching layout in the produce department using color theory to separate the varieties and bagged versus bulk displays. Don’t forget to consider the digital shopper who prefers callouts highlighting the flavor profile and usage recommendations.
  • Cross-Promotions: Apples should be placed in high-traffic areas and cross-merchandised with complementary products. Apples are ideal for any pairings, as the holidays are filled with charcuterie boards, baked goods, and cocktail inspiration. Create simple opportunities for shoppers to pair apples with other frequently purchased holiday items. Apples can be merchandised easily throughout the store; so consider adding apple displays near the checkout, bakery, or even the deli as a way to drive impulse purchases.

When it comes to apples, the purchase decision typically falls on one of the following three influences: cost, familiarity, or appearance

Apples generate excitement, are a barometer of the overall quality of the produce department, and are a great way to entice the consumer to come on in and stay awhile.

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