Crystal Valley Foods’ Katiana Valdes Divulges Holiday Merchandising Strategies

Crystal Valley Foods’ Katiana Valdes Divulges Holiday Merchandising Strategies

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MIAMI, FL - Holidays would not carry the weight they do without the mouthwatering meals that grace the table each year. As both a consumer and trade news writer, I know half of the celebration is in the eating; this means opportunities are ramping up in the produce department as shoppers go in search of ingredients sure to impress their guests, and Crystal Valley Foods is here to help buyers capitalize on this lucrative season.

Katiana Valdes, Marketing Coordinator, Crystal Valley Foods“In general, the holidays are a great time for fresh fruit and vegetable sales,” Katiana Valdes, Marketing Coordinator, begins. “We expect an increase in social gatherings this year, which creates more opportunities for fresh produce sales. During the holidays, it’s important to have traditional favorites for staple dishes. However, offering more unique, seasonal specialty products can help create excitement and entice the more curious, experimental shoppers.”

Crystal Valley’s lineup brings everything consumers need for the perfect holiday gathering, with French beans, green and white asparagus, and baby carrots to promote throughout the season. Whether shoppers are getting together as a large group or planning a more intimate celebration, the supplier has a variety of sizes to meet various needs, including 2 lb French beans and asparagus club-style packs.

Crystal Valley Foods' lineup includes French beans, green and white asparagus, and baby carrots offered in a variety of sizes to meet various needs

And with many consumers feeling particularly crunched for time during the holiday season, Crystal Valley offers all of these items in convenient, value-added sizes in addition to bulk. All customers have to do is microwave, sauté, or roast the ready-to-prepare product, and voilà, a meal for even the merriest of occasions.

“Since these items are all plentiful during this time of year, buyers can focus on making big, colorful displays in prominent areas of the produce section to help increase impulse purchases,” Katiana says. “Also, retailers can cross-merchandise items with other seasonal staples. Try placing French beans with crispy onions and cream of mushroom soup for a casserole recipe, or carrots with dips like hummus or ranch dressing.”

For buyers looking to turn the produce department into a go-to holiday destination this year, Crystal Valley aligns with its retail partners to provide POS materials, social media posts, and recipes and tips to promote their programs.

Crystal Valley Foods offers convenient, value-added sizes that allow shoppers to cut down on meal preparation time during the busy holiday season

“We’re happy to work with retailers to develop the tools needed to drive sales in the produce department. Retailers can create holiday-themed POS and offer recipe cards near the product display. In-store demos are also a great vehicle for increasing retail movement and offering customers a chance to try the product in a unique way they might not have thought of before,” Katiana concludes.

AndNowUKnow will continue to bring you the latest strategies and insights as we set out to help both buyers and suppliers make the most of this holiday season. Merry merchandising!

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