Dole Food Company’s William Goldfield Details Strong Volume in Pineapple Market

Dole Food Company’s William Goldfield Details Strong Volume in Pineapple Market

CHARLOTTE, NC - Pineapples are one of my first stops when I hit my local produce department, and I know for sure that I am not the only shopper who has adopted this strategy. With a sweet flavor and nutritional benefits to boast, the category appeals to many consumers and eventually ends up in their carts. As the conventional and organic pineapple markets see strong quality and volume, I obviously had to tap the expertise of Dole Food Company’s Director of Corporate Communications, William Goldfield.

William Goldfield, Director of Corporate Communications, Dole Food Company“Growing conditions in Dole's producing countries have been great so far this year and are forecasted to continue,” William shares. “As would be expected, supply has one of the greatest impacts on pricing. When industry supplies are strong as we have currently, we see pineapples being promoted and discounted at retail at a much higher frequency.”

Currently, as reported by the United States Department of Agriculture, average pricing for pineapples falls in the $13.00–$15.00 range.

To fully optimize the steady market, retailers can further draw attention to the category by building robust displays and spotlighting the many alluring aspects of pineapples through their promotions.

The conventional and organic pineapple markets are currently seeing strong quality and volume, with prices trending lower

“The best attractor for shoppers are large, full displays in high-traffic lanes of the produce department. Promoting attributes like high vitamin C and bromaline with signage and point-of-sale materials greatly improves purchases,” William advises. “Of course, demonstrations on cutting with sampling of the fantastic flavors of fresh pineapple are the best recommendation to drive sales.”

With a strong organic pineapple program, Dole is ready and willing to help its retail partners capitalize on pineapple demand and drive tropical fruit sales.

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