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Dole Food Company's Bil Goldfield Discusses Merchandising Upon Besties 2023 Win

Dole Food Company's Bil Goldfield Discusses Merchandising Upon Besties 2023 Win

SACRAMENTO, CA - When it comes to a merchandising campaign, vision, communication, and partnership come to mind. In all these things, I see the Dole Food Company marketing strategy. From a cohesive vision, message, or partnership in each campaign to clear communication between its team, the retail customer, and the end consumer, the brand shines when it is put on display on the screen and in the store. It is no surprise, then, that Dole was nominated for the Best Merchandising Campaign and selected by our Besties committee for the title.

Bil Goldfield, Director of Corporate Communications, Dole Food Company“Thank you so much for the award,” Bil Goldfield, Director of Corporate Communications, commented when I connected with him. “It’s beautiful and sits right on my desk. We really appreciate it.”

For his part, Bil told me it was impossible for him to choose a favorite merchandising campaign of his own, each standing out in its own way from construction to execution.

“When we tackled DOLE® Whip Day with a whole flurry of new whips, it was a really effective campaign,” he recalled. “Though it was digital primarily, it was encouraging people to go to stores to make these and completing the cycle by ensuring the recipe ingredients were there, easy to find, and ready for consumers.”

In fact, Bil pointed out, with a more uniform appearance trending in many of the larger banners, a true merchandising display is not as easy to come by. In this, Bil sees the opportunity to really wow consumers with a periodic display to match the prowess of, say, a Disney/Dole campaign.

Dole Food Company nabbed our Besties award for the Best Merchandising Campaign

“Consumers want information about the product and how to use it, and not everybody can be everywhere, even as produce managers do such an excellent job. Merchandising can do so much to help with something exotic like a pineapple or something as familiar as a banana. Embracing and showcasing in-store POS, versus how they are generally utilized now, is how I think campaigns can be elevated. If you can put a sign up of a size that makes sense to you, you give the shoppers the power to make more decisions. It doesn’t have to be a big display or sign, We used to do a great job of this in the early 2000s, and I think we can get back to that by finding a balance between less clutter and the information and education shoppers have told us they want,” Bil reflected.

Leaning into the personalized side of merchandising campaigns and Dole’s prowess, he shared how partnership can ensure the result makes sense to a retailer’s banner while inspiring those ideas that will bring those impulse purchases in one stop.

Dole Food Company sees the opportunity to really wow consumers and embraces its in-store POS prowess to ensure it works with the retailer

“We work with every retailer to make sure merchandising is formatted as they want—retailers will find a willing partner in suppliers,” Bil concluded. “How the produce area looks is how the whole store is judged. When it comes to merchandising, this destination can get shoppers through the door.”

It is this philosophy that drives the power of the Dole merchandising strategies and campaigns, and why it is now a Besties holder for that title. Congratulations to the Dole team, and thank you for what you do to expand produce knowledge, and therefore produce dollars.

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