Dried Fruit Kingpins Craisins and Raisins Battle it Out For Health-Conscious Demographic

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By Eric Anderson


Cropped Images 03152013Since their debut in 2004, Ocean Spray’s Craisins have been vying for market share with traditional raisins. The Massachusetts-based company has worked for years to get more consumers to trade in their raisins for Craisins, touting their nutritional superiority while raisin marketers have not done a great job of extolling their product’s health benefits.

Ocean Spray claims that Craisins have “double the antioxidants, plus unique cranberry health benefits with the same amount of sugar as the leading brand of raisins,” according to a statement.

There is one big distinction, however. Though both products contain 29 grams of sugar per ¼ cup serving, Craisins are sweetened with added sugar, while raisins are merely dried grapes free of added sweeteners.

In terms of nutrition, here’s how the two products stack up:

Both Sun Maid Raisins and Craisins have 130 calories per ¼ cup serving. Craisins have 3 grams of fiber compared to raisin’s 2 grams.

Raisins: 2% of the recommended daily value (DV) of calcium. Craisins: 0%.

Raisins: 6% DV of iron. Craisins: 0%.

Raisins: 9% DV of potassium. Craisins: 0%.

Raisins also have 1 gram of protein, while Craisins have 0 grams.

Sun Maid’s Raisins edge out Craisins in terms of macronutrient content while Craisins boast slightly more fiber, and according to Ocean Spray, double the antioxidants. A lack of added sugars and higher vitamin content, however, gives raisins a leg up in the eyes of health conscious consumers.

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