Frank Donio Branding and Logo Undergo a Revamp

Frank Donio Branding and Logo Undergo a Revamp

HAMMONTON, NJ - Kicking off the new year with a new look, Frank Donio, Inc.’s company and brand logos have undergone a revamp. The brand was first introduced in 1993, while the company was founded back in 1933.

Lauren Del Rosario, Marketing Manager, Frank Donio, Inc.“We received very positive reactions and feedback from our clients and industry partners who visited our booth,” Lauren Del Rosario, Marketing Manager for Frank Donio, Inc., said, according to a press release.

Frank Donio, growers and shippers of fruits and vegetables, unveiled the new look at the New York Produce show last month, Dec. 2, 2015. According to the company, the image seeks to stay relevant while still remaining in touch with the roots of its foundation over 80 years ago.

“We believe maintaining a current brand identity that represents the values of our company is important in our ever-evolving industry,” Del Rosario continued. “Personally, I think our new looks show our years of experience while also having a feel of future progression.”

The company was founded in 1933, evolving over the past eight decades from a local, regional grower to international shipper-marketer. It introduced its Top Crop® Brand to consumers in 1993.

Since its introduction, Donio has looked to set itself apart with high quality and flavor. The familiar Mr. Toppy Blueberry will continue to be found on all blueberry offerings grown and shipped year-around.

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