Fresh Thyme Market Appoints Liz Zolcak to Succeed Gerald Melville as President

Fresh Thyme Market Appoints Liz Zolcak to Succeed Gerald Melville as President

DOWNERS GROVE, IL - Fresh Thyme Market is looking toward continued growth with a new leader at the helm. Recently, the retailer announced Liz Zolcak will be steering the ship as the company’s newest President. She will be succeeding Gerald Melville, who announced his retirement.

Liz Zolcak, Incoming President, Fresh Thyme Market“I am thrilled and humbled to take on this exciting new challenge and to be trusted to lead such an incredible team,” Zolcak said. “Gerald and I have been able to accomplish significant wins with the team during our time working together, and I’m looking forward to even more successes ahead.”

Zolcak takes the mantle with a wealth of experience as she harnesses her 17 years' worth of retail leadership experience. She joined Fresh Thyme Market in 2020 as Vice President of Operations, where she oversaw the company’s 71 stores.

Fresh Thyme Market recently announced that Liz Zolcak will be taking over as the company’s newest President, succeeding Gerald Melville, who has announced his retirement

Additionally, she previously led both domestic and international operations with Kroger and Aldi, including roles as Vice President of Retail Operations for Kroger, Division President of Ruler Foods, and Marketing Director for Aldi.

As noted in the release, Zolcak will be succeeding Melville as the revered leader announces his retirement after a 43-year retail career. Melville became President of Fresh Thyme Market in 2019, joining the retailer from Meijer. He began his time with Meijer in 2010, noted his LinkedIn.

Gerald Melville, Retiring President, Fresh Thyme Market“My tenure at Fresh Thyme Market has been challenging and exciting,” Melville said. “As I move on to my next phase, I’m very confident Fresh Thyme Market is poised for continued success as I hand the baton to Liz.”

Congratulations to Liz Zolcak as she takes on her new role, and to Gerald Melville on his successful career!

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