Grapa Varieties Outlines ARRA Breeding Program; Rafi Karniel Comments

Grapa Varieties Outlines ARRA Breeding Program; Rafi Karniel Comments

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Bringing new table grape innovations to market is par for the course for Grapa Varieties. In an exclusive interview obtained by AndNowUKnow, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the business outlined the distinctions of the ARRA Breeding program, and where he sees the future headed.

Rafi Karniel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Grapa Varieties“The ARRA Breeding Program is privately owned by the Giumarra and Karniel families, which sets it apart as the only family-owned business among the leading table grape breeding companies,” remarked Rafi Karniel. “This uniqueness carries significant meaning for us; we are not driven solely by ROI, but rather, our primary focus lies in the people we work with and the sincere care we have for our colleagues and partners worldwide. This mission is at the core of everything we do.”

The recent table grape varieties that distinguish the group, Rafi explained, display excellent characteristics across all parameters, including short production cycles and tolerance to adverse weather.

Grapa Varieties proudly presents a line of table grape varieties that specifically address the challenges of growers worldwide

“[This] includ[es] substantial rain, extreme heat, and unpredictable climates, which is a crucial advantage in the face of today's global climate change. The ARRA varieties, in particular, stand out for their short production cycles, enabling early harvests and enhanced economic efficiency. This, in turn, leads to reduced labor, decreased irrigation needs, and minimized pesticide use, all contributing to their environmental sustainability and grower-friendliness, while maintaining high yields and a prolonged shelf-life,” he noted.

As he looks to the future, Rafi commented that today’s challenging economic climate has been difficult for many growers.

“The message we’re hearing loud and clear from growers worldwide is that only varieties meeting their needs will remain relevant. With this in mind, we proudly present a line of varieties that specifically address these challenges,” Rafi said of the company’s response to the current needs of the market. “Our varieties provide superior alternatives, offering enhanced security and a reliable income […]."

The breeder’s most recent table grape varieties display excellent characteristics across all parameters, including short production cycles and tolerance to adverse weather

One of the ways in which the company looks out for its own future is through investing into its own operation.

"Giumarra and Grapa are proud to announce the expansion of our new experimental ranch and future breeding center. Plantation on the 160-acre site has already begun, with plenty of space for a state-of-the-art facility which will optimize and support the ARRA breeding program for many years to come," he explained.

This is not the only investment that Grapa Varieties has in its back pocket, as the company continues to trial new varieties.

Giumarra and Grapa Varieties have also announced the expansion of its new experimental ranch and future breeding center

"While our main focus continues to be breeding the best everyday green, red, and black grape varieties, we have diversified our efforts into also developing a line of mass-production flavored varieties. This decision came as a response to the demand in this niche market and has brought about a unique and unparalleled selection. Soon, these phenomenal, crunchy flavored varieties will be revealed to growers, marketers, and consumers who will undoubtedly be crazy for them just as we are.”

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