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Grow Farms' Tommy Wilkins Dishes on Texas and Mexico Programs and Benefits for Retailers

Grow Farms' Tommy Wilkins Dishes on Texas and Mexico Programs and Benefits for Retailers

DONNA, TX - Despite the inclement weather that keeps the industry on our toes this time of year in the northern hemisphere, Grow Farms Texas is ready and raring to go as we move through the holiday season. Tommy Wilkins, Director of Sales and Business Development, shares that Texas green and red cabbage will kick off December 2nd and will run through March with Mexico programs gearing up.

Tommy Wilkins, Director of Sales and Business Development, Grow Farms“We are expecting rain in growing areas of Mexico this week. Once we get dried out, our volume is expected to increase next week on green bell peppers and cucumber,” Tommy shares. “Eggplant and soft squash should begin in Texas later in December and with all the uncertainty around the politics of the tomatoes this year, we believe vegetables will increase to around 25 percent in plantings. Barring weather, we should have a steady promotable supply into March.”

With Grow Farms Texas’ ideal locations, loading in Texas is a freight savings along with time on the road heading East. As Texas continues to grow in crossings, this will continue to help get product to the stores quicker.

Grow Farms’ green and red cabbage season is set to kick off on December 2, and run through March

“As the menu increases you will see more mixers helping retailers be more efficient in getting deliveries more often at a shorter distance. Cucumber and green bells will be the workhorses, but incremental sales are an added bonus,” Tommy expresses.

In January, Grow Farms will start a beautiful colored bell pepper program to add to its menu. Additionally, hot peppers continue to be a nice addition all the way through Cinco De Mayo and jalapenos and serranos are very popular and have good volume coming.

The growing Texas shipping infrastructure helps get product to stores quicker

“We are also looking to have a wonderful mango program this year. Volumes will increase for us on both yellow and round mangos,” Tommy adds. “This production will begin in February in good numbers and we will be working the next two months to put programs together to increase consumption and sales on mangos.”

One of the largest value propositions offered by Grow Farms is its desire to help make life easier for retailers.

Ad quotes that some folks need weeks in advance as well as spot buys help navigate production. Working closely with the growers to promote volumes in line with production helps everyone,” Tommy says. “There has been significant conversation over the role Mexico plays in vegetable production. I am a proponent of trade. The work on good eating vegetables just gives retail and foodservice an opportunity to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables which aids in everyone's health. As we continue to build a central Mexico program, we strive to have year-round supplies on as much as we can.”

As we move into the Texas and Mexico seasons, keep checking back with AndNowUKnow for the latest and greatest on the market and more.

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