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Kroger Shares Top Food Trends for 2019

Kroger Shares Top Food Trends for 2019

CINCINNATI, OH - Kroger has read the tea leaves and has seen produce, produce, and more produce in consumers’ future! This week, the retailer announced its top food trend predictions for 2019, which were curated by its team of Our Brands new product developers, chefs, and innovators, and there's something delicious for everyone.

More consumers are switching out animal proteins for plant-based alternatives, and Kroger is thinking this trend will carry us through to 2019

Without further ado, here are Kroger’s Top 5 Food Trends for 2019:

  1. Plant-Based Foods

More consumers are switching out animal proteins for plant-based alternatives, and Kroger is thinking this trend will carry us through to 2019. Not only is it easier than ever to go meat or dairy free, whether for just a meal, a Meatless Monday, or a Flexitarian Friday, but soon everyone will be participating in the plant-based party.

  1. Eating Styles

Not only will more consumers enjoy a plant-based lifestyle, but eating styles like vegetarian, flexitarian, keto, and paleo to name a few, will become more widespread. According to a press release, a recent study reports 15 percent of the U.S. population identifies as vegetarian or vegan, and Kroger is responding to this rising number by offering and developing new products that are better-for-you and that support consumers’ health and wellness journeys.

  1. Regional Flavors

Global flavors are fine and dandy, but what about foods influenced by different regions around the United States? Kroger thinks those will be taking the culinary and foodservice world by storm next year. From Nashville hot chicken to Southern Appalachian pimento cheese, America’s culinary geography and heritage will be shining through in 2019.

  1. Gut-Healthy Foods

Medical studies show that a healthy gut is the foundation of overall wellness, which is encouraging more consumers to seek out foods that support self-care and healthy immune systems. As a result, Kroger is upping its number of products that are rich in probiotics and flavor in 2019.

  1. Low Sugar and Natural Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are a thing of the past as alternate natural sweeteners like honey and agave rise in popularity. Kroger notes in a press release that 47 percent of consumers say they are working to minimize their sugar intake. This has led the retailer to bolster its store shelves with products that are lean on sugar, but still rich in nutrition and flavor.

With so many exciting trends expected to hit grocery aisles next year, Kroger is also promoting its Simple Truth®, Kroger®, and Private Selection® branded products that tap into the latest tastes and trends.

Is it 2019 yet? I have some serious eating to do!