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Lipman Family Farms’ Crimson Tomato Variety Delivers More Color, Bo Bates Discusses

Lipman Family Farms’ Crimson Tomato Variety Delivers More Color, Bo Bates Discusses

IMMOKALEE, FL - Spring has sprung, and Lipman Family Farms is busy growing Crimson tomatoes, which the company promises will deliver more than just color. I had a chance to glean some insight from the grower’s Bo Bates, General Manager of Tomato Sales, on how and why Lipman’s proprietary tomato variety Crimson is so successful.

Q: Thanks for taking some time to answer some questions about Crimson, Bo. How are things out in tomato land?

Bo Bates, General Manager of Tomato Sales, Lipman Family FarmsBo Bates: We couldn’t be happier. As both the grower and marketer of our Crimson variety, we have the luxury of boots-on-the-ground field intelligence and tight quality control. Since we have the entire supply chain under our management, we’re able to deliver everything our customers and consumers love about the Crimson.

Q: So what do retailers love about the Crimson?

BB: It’s a bright red pop that makes for a stunning tomato display in-store. But we back that up with a program that delivers consistent quality and promotable volume throughout our growing season. We’ve covered all the bases with our Crimson variety and really have something special here. It delivers brilliant out-of-the-box color, with an amazingly uniform presentation and predictable ripening behavior. This means less shrink and management for our retail partners, while providing produce managers with a vibrant and compelling display tool that grabs shopper’s attention.

Q: And what do consumers love about Crimson?

BB: It not only looks amazing; it has the flavor to stand up to any boutique or heirloom variety. While it’s the blemish-free color and uniform size that first draws shoppers, the Crimson really shines once you slice and taste it at home. Home cooks and professional chefs tell us the Crimson has that classic home-garden fresh, bright taste they have been missing. And it slices like a dream—it’s a unique experience.

Lipman Crimson Tomatoes

Q: Flavor I get, but why does slicing matter?

BB: The Crimson was developed to have superior interior density and color which means it has a solid, meaty center, and its red all the way through. As a result, the Crimson slices beautifully and cleanly—and those slices look amazing on a burger and in a salad! This is a big part of what keeps consumers coming back and why we have such retailer loyalty to the variety. There’s nothing else like it in the market.

Q: Any future plans around Crimson you can tell us about?

BB: Lipman Family Farms already has the most field acreage in Florida. To keep up with demand, the scientists on our R&D team have been diligently working to adapt the Crimson to deliver the same quality and consistency in other growing regions. Our goal is Crimson availability year-round, and it’s not that far away.

While Lipman works hard to make the Crimson available year-round, we at AndNowUKnow will keep working to help you stay in the know on all produce industry news.

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