Love Beets Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary With New Product

Love Beets Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary With New Product

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BALA CYNWYD, PA - Specialty produce continues to rise in popularity as consumers experiment and discover new tastes. Love Beets is tapping into this growing market, transforming preconceived notions and making beets easier to access and more enjoyable than ever. I took a beat with Guy Shropshire, Founder, and George Shropshire, General Manager, to discover what the future holds for the company, as it celebrates its 10 year anniversary with new innovations and expanded offerings.

Guy Shropshire, Founder, Love Beets“Overcoming the perception of ‘grandma’s beets’ and convincing people how great beets could actually taste was our primary objective when my wife, Katherine, and I first launched Love Beets. We wanted to establish a trusted consumer brand built on bringing great-tasting, fresh, and healthy beets to the U.S. market,” Guy shares.

To reach that market, Love Beets continues to tackle new offerings and line extensions. The company just launched its new product, Perfectly Pickled Beets. Simple, slightly sweet, and ready-to-eat, this new offering will trade consumers up from canned and jarred pickled beets to a fresh and fun option.

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Love Beets has announced its new product, Perfectly Pickled Beets

The new product can be found in the produce section, and it’s a healthier take on the traditional recipe with less added sugar and sodium. Love Beets’ new Perfectly Pickled Beets were made with the modern consumer in mind, hitting on both convenience and flavor as more cooking is done at home. And with a portfolio filled with organic cooked beets, marinated baby beets, beet beverages, raw beets, and more, the company is pushing fresh produce to the forefront and to the center of the plate.

“Love Beets has had a substantial positive impact on the perception of beets as a tasty, healthy, and fresh vegetable nationwide. By providing something for everyone, from raw to cooked to juice, Love Beets has helped make consuming beets easier and more enjoyable than ever,” continues Guy. “Together with chefs and food lovers alike, Love Beets has put beets on trend.”

In addition to a new product, Love Beets is updating its packaging and adding new flavor varieties

A challenging task, but an accomplishment that the company beet. Love Beets has taken up and exceeded the expectations, making a name for itself within the produce industry and larger natural foods CPG space.

George Shropshire, General Manager, Love Beets“We’ve been able to create a well-known and well-loved brand identity within the produce space, a department full of commodity and private label offerings with a lot of competition for shelf space,” George tells me. “Beyond that accomplishment, we’ve worked hard to grow as a U.S.-grown and produced company. We’re proud of our made in the USA label that stands out among our competitors.”

Not one to slow down, Love Beets is hard at work to grow and expand its offering and has plans in motion to update its packaging and introduce new flavor varieties to its marinated line.

Changing consumer perception, Love Beets has had a substantial positive impact on the perception of beets as a tasty, healthy, and fresh vegetable nationwide

Innovation, sustainability, and driving trial and consumption will all be important pillars for us for the next 10 years. We want to continue providing even more consumers with healthy and convenient options that taste good,” George discloses.

With new innovation, growth, and exciting developments on the horizon, how will the specialty sector continue to grow in the fresh produce industry? Continue reading ANUK and find out as we report on the latest.

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