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Love Beets Unveils New Packaging and Website

Love Beets Unveils New Packaging and Website

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Love Beets is unveiling a company-wide rebranding campaign that includes new packaging and a re-designed website. The new branding will hit shelves this month and will continue to roll out nationwide through the end of the year.

George Shropshire, Vice President of Love Beets“The creative evolution of Love Beets really brings to life the idea that beets are modern, fun, and can be enjoyed by consumers of all ages,” said George Shropshire, Vice President of Love Beets. “We’re excited to reveal a whole new look and technology that make beets a hassle-free experience and even easier to snack on whenever, wherever.”

The updated packaging for Love Beets products adds greater visibility and accessibility for consumers on shelf and at home. According to a press release, these innovations include:

  • Marinated Baby Beets (5 flavors): New packs feature state-of-the-art peel and seal technology to keep each beet fresher for longer and allow for easier portioning and storage across meals, snacks and recipes. The packs now stand upright and may be opened and closed several times.
  • Vacuum-packed Cooked Beets (2 varieties):  A new and improved seal keeps beet juices locked in and reduces the risk of refrigerator messes.
  • Beet Juices (3 flavors): Beet Juice, Super Tasty and a new Organic Beet Juice boast new, sleek container designs and sizes. Consumers will now be able to choose a 14-oz. re-usable glass bottle or a larger 20-oz. plastic bottle, all available in late November.
  • Club Pack (2 varieties): Labels have also been re-imagined with a series of delicious recipes and directions for how to prepare beets.

The company’s newly designed website and social platforms feature highly interactive and responsive sections, rich imagery, and a lifestyle blog that will highlight health benefits of beets and their many uses – from salads and entrees to smoothies and desserts.

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