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Love Beets USA Expands Portfolio of Brands With New Venture Offshoot Brands; George Shropshire, Rob Doolan, and Natasha Lichty Discuss

Love Beets USA Expands Portfolio of Brands With New Venture Offshoot Brands; George Shropshire, Rob Doolan, and Natasha Lichty Discuss

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Why limit yourself to one brand when the health food movement extends to such a diverse range of categories? Love Beets USA has asked itself this question and replied with an all-new venture: Offshoot Brands. The platform supports Love Beets’ continued exploration of the health food movement through brands like Genuine Coconut, Veggie*Confetti, and The Happy Snack Company.

George Shropshire, General Manager, Offshoot Brands“We revolutionized the way consumers think about and eat beets in the U.S.,” said George Shropshire, Offshoot Brands’ General Manager. “We took something time-consuming and intimidating to prepare and created a no-mess, no-fuss solution. Our mission now is to grow other better-for-you brands that make healthy eating as easy and fun as possible.”

Decades of cross-channel experience in the fresh category supports the Offshoot Brands team’s proven track record of launching products from concept to consumer.

Rob Doolan, Director of Sales, Offshoot Brands“We offer strong industry relationships, deep produce and CPG knowledge, a passion for growing branded products, and a hands-on approach,” said Rob Doolan, Director of Sales. “We’re not ‘one size fits all’ and love to collaborate with brands and entrepreneurs to create a strategy that’s customized to each brand’s unique needs.”

The collaboration with Genuine Coconut began in 2018, and the line now includes organic raw coconut chunks and toppings, which can be found in Costco, Publix, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Lidl, and more. The distribution of Genuine Coconut items has grown to over 6,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada, stated a press release.

Exhibiting similar growth, Veggie*Confetti’s line includes pickled red onion, jalapeño, carrot, and cabbage, and is currently distributed in Whole Foods and other Mid-Atlantic region retailers.

Natasha Lichty, Marketing Director, Offshoot Brands“From the vibrant pop of the packaging on store shelves to the bold color and big flavor they add to meals, Veggie*Confetti delivers on both look and taste,” said Natasha Lichty, Offshoot Brands’ Marketing Director. “Perfect to sprinkle on salads, toasts, tacos, bowls, and more, they’re a versatile refrigerator staple to quickly make any dish look and taste restaurant-quality.”

Offshoot Brands most recently completed an exclusive deal with The Happy Snack Company, which boasts of product lines that are allergen-friendly and free from gluten, nuts, and dairy.

Love Beets USA recently announced an all-new venture, Offshoot Brands, to continue expanding its reach in the healthy food sector

“The Happy Snack Company items are nutrient-dense and contain four times the fiber of brown rice, making them a satiating snack that’s perfect for on-the-go families,” said Shropshire. “Their products are a hit with both kids and adults alike.”

Love Beets items are sold in over 17,000 stores across North America. Based in Rochester, New York, Love Beets’ range includes vacuum-packed cooked beets, marinated baby beets, organic beet juice, topped and tailed raw beets, and beet powder. Love Beets’ Perfectly Pickled Sliced Beets, launched in October 2020, has rapidly ascended to become its fastest-selling beet innovation.

Where else will this new venture extend its reach? Stay tuned as we report.

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