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Mario Masellis, Kurt Cappelluti, and Paul Catania Discuss Catania Worldwide's Transformative Culture

Mario Masellis, Kurt Cappelluti, and Paul Catania Discuss Catania Worldwide's Transformative Culture

NORTH AMERICA - When the planning is just as exciting as the execution, you can look forward to a dynamic time—from setting all the pieces up to watching them fall into place. Coming off of a year marked by its unified “one name and one mission” across North America, Catania Worldwide is set to see a strategic transformation unfold.

Mario Masellis, Director of Sales and Marketing, Catania Worldwide“Catania branded fruit represents, to me, a network of high-quality international growers, wrapped in almost a century of experience, delivered fresh daily,” Mario Masellis, Director of Sales and Marketing, summarizes.

For those who have lived and executed the latest in this metamorphosis, a soft launch and plenty of subtle changes have made for a seismic splash while keeping intact all that has gotten Catania Worldwide this far.

Kurt Cappelluti, Sales Manager, Catania WorldwideKurt Cappelluti, Sales Manager, laughs as he looks back on the journey thus far by kicking off with, “My history with Paul Catania, where do I start?”

Kurt met Paul, Catania's President, in ’87, which he thoughtfully points out is, “longer than most of our employees have been alive.”

He continues to let the story reveal itself.

Catania Worldwide is preparing to see a strategic transformation unfold marked by its unified “one name and one mission” strategy, with President Paul Catania at the helm

“When I met Paul, we were more of a brokerage office. Fast-forward to today, and we are completely integrated into this industry, and Paul has led us there,” Kurt recalls. “Our first venture was figs. When he asked if I would come on board to run the office in California, I was very excited and didn’t have to think twice before taking the opportunity. He made me feel like I was a part of the Catania family right away, and it's what drove me to work harder. I’m very lucky I got a chance to see that growth alongside Paul.”

Paul, in so many ways, is a lot like gravity, pulling those toward him that share the same values, sense of purpose, and drive.

Paul Catania, President, Catania Worldwide“Catania to me means family. This company, this industry, our farmers, our partners, and our staff—these people are my family. They are the best part of Catania. Much like the people, the company and brand encompass integrity, reliability, and history,” Paul expresses.

So, what can we look forward to as we raise our eyes to meet the horizon?

“The future for Catania is extremely bright!” Kurt promises with infectious enthusiasm. “We work for a company whose values revolve around the happiness of its employees, and we’re lucky to be a part of an organization that continues to grow. Paul and Catania Worldwide have allowed us to explore and experiment and become the best we can be in an evolving industry.”

With a brand-wide move that was both aesthetic and geographic, it is wonderful to see the roots well intact and deeply nurtured as the company continues to widen its gaze and its reach.

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