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Mucci Farms Takes Home Best New Packaging Award from United Fresh

Mucci Farms Takes Home Best New Packaging Award from United Fresh

CHICAGO, IL - With so many people looking for inspiration in produce aisles, Mucci Farms is stepping up as a company wanting to lasso in consumers’ interest in new and interesting ways. Mucci's very own CuteCucumber Poppers won the Best New Packaging for this year’s United Fresh Produce Innovation Award at 2018’s Chicago-based FreshMkt Expo. The awarded company was selected after exhibitors and attendees voted on their favorite from a list of seven nominated packages in the category.

Emily Murracas, Director of Marketing, Mucci Farms“We are delighted to win the packaging award for CuteCumber Poppers because we really feel like we’re bringing something new to the greenhouse produce category by including a tasty dip inside each container,” Director of Marketing Emily Murracas said. “In addition, our focus was to create multiple convenient packages to accommodate a variety of customers in the rapidly growing snacking category.”

The Mucci Farms team posing with their award. The company won this year’s United Fresh Produce Innovation Award

The one-bite variety used in CuteCucumber Poppers are on a roll, having recently won the People’s Choice Award at the Leamington Greenhouse Competition. Offering incredible flavor paired with an irresistible crunchy texture, the product will be available in three pack styles to stay in tune with club stores, retailers, and foodservice.

Fernanda Albuquerque, New Product Development Manager, Mucci Farms“With this product, we decided to create a lineup of new packages to give our partners multiple options based on their demographics and value proposition,” Fernanda Albuquerque, New Product Development Manager, shared in a press release. “The 1.5 lbs and 5 oz top-seal packages are custom thermoformed trays that securely hold the dip container in place. The 9 oz tray is a 3 x 3 oz format with EZ Snap convenience, allowing consumers to tear off each container for 3 individual snack size packs.”

Mucci Farms' award-winning Cutecumber Poppers packaging

Attendees had the opportunity to check in with the company at their booth. The greenhouse grower also co-sponsored the breakfast session, which announced recipients of the 2018 Retail Produce Manager Awards. This segment of the show celebrated produce and foodservice industry professionals from across the continent.

Joe Spano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mucci Farms“Sponsoring this event is important to us as it recognizes the front-line staff that bring our products to life through merchandising and recipes,” Vice President of Mucci International Marketing Joe Spano shared. “We’d like to congratulate all the award recipients and thank them for all they do to raise the profile of healthy eating.”

Congratulations to the Mucci Farms team! We look forward to seeing how your award-winning packaging pushes the category forward and inspires more consumers to fall in love with produce and the cute offerings our industry provides.

Mucci Farms

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