Ocean Mist Farms to Unveil Sweet Baby Broccoli Addition to Season & Steam Line at PMA Fresh Summit

Ocean Mist Farms to Unveil Sweet Baby Broccoli Addition to Season & Steam Line at PMA Fresh Summit

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CASTROVILLE, CA – As the industry gears up for another year of innovation and leading displays at the upcoming PMA Fresh Summit, Ocean Mist Farms has its own offerings to debut at the event. Ocean Mist Farms will unveil the newest addition to its Season & Steam line, Sweet Baby Broccoli. 

Diana McClean, Director of Marketing, Ocean Mist Farms

“Our Season & Steam bag addresses multiple culinary and consumer trends,” stated Diana McClean, Director of Marketing. “We want to meet consumer demand and make Sweet Baby Broccoli easy and convenient to cook at home.” 

In addition to answering that demand for convenient and healthy vegetable options, the company stated in a press release that Ocean Mist Farms is looking to shake up the broccoli category with value-added success, as it previously did with the Brussels sprouts category. 

Sweet Baby Broccoli

The newest extension to the value-added fresh vegetable line is packaged in the innovative Steamfast microwavable pack. This packaging provides consumers with a convenient option to pre-season the broccoli right in its packaging, reseal the lock, and steam in the microwave. 

The SteamFast packaging is also designed for ideal stand-up, face-forward presentation on the shelf. The 8 oz package is bilingual, in French and English, for export opportunities, and also includes cooking instructions and usage ideas on the bottom gusset. 

That’s not the only highlight Ocean Mist Farms has planned for the event, as the company will host retail registered dieticians, through the Produce for Better Health Foundation, at its booth for a portion of the show, to demonstrate the fast and easy ways consumers can prepare fresh artichokes. 

Steamfast microwavable pack

“We are looking forward to educating these important group of influencers about artichokes so they in turn can educate their shoppers,” McClean finished.

The new Sweet Baby Broccoli Season & Steam will be on display at Ocean Mist Farms booth at PMA Fresh Summit, and is also a finalist for the annual packaging innovation awards. Ocean Mist Farms also intends to showcase its more than 30 freshly grown vegetables and organic line, Ocean Mist Organic, at the event as well. 

Need to see the new Sweet Baby Broccoli product for yourself? Stop by Ocean Mist Farms booth 642 at PMA.

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