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Oppy's Oceanside Pole Rebrands to Reenergize Its Packaging

Oppy's Oceanside Pole Rebrands to Reenergize Its Packaging

OCEANSIDE, CA - I’m a sucker for art—take me to any museum and I will find something to stare at for hours on end. In our industry, marketing endeavors are an art form of their own, with a goal to capture the interest of consumers everywhere. The Singh family’s Oceanside Pole is donning bright new packaging with an iconic Southern California aesthetic, logo, and color scheme. The new look is called On a Mission, a phrase the company has proudly supported since its 1939 beginning. The thought process behind the new branding is to boost its well-renowned, incredible tasting, and easy-to-slice tomatoes.

After almost eight decades of business, Oceanside Pole is one of the last true pole-grown tomato producers in California, according to a press release, which offers insight into the Singh family’s devotion to its authentic brand appeal for both trade and consumers alike.

James Milne, Vice President of Marketing, Oppy“Our consumer insights show us that people love Oceanside Pole tomatoes for the simple reason that they are grown outside as Mother Nature intended by a family whose heritage is profoundly connected to the land,” expressed James Milne, Vice President of Marketing for Oppy, which is the marketer for Oceanside Pole. “The tomatoes are picked at the right stage of maturity to naturally develop the perfect color and rich tomato flavor—which definitely gets noticed and applauded.”

Milne had the opportunity to discuss the development of Oceanside Pole’s unique branding with Harry Singh and his family.

“All of this led us to a wonderful new positioning statement and brand platform for the Singh’s full assortment of fresh produce,” Milne said. “On a Mission, since 1939 speaks to their powerful legacy, daily commitment to flavor and quality, and the pursuit of excellence into the future.”

Oceanside Pole is donning bright new packaging with an iconic Southern California aesthetic, logo, and color scheme

In addition to his active growing business, Singh and his family throughout past generations have partaken in the building and sustaining of Oceanside’s historic Mission San Luis Rey, the press release conveys. Showing pride in the company’s Southern California roots, the packaging showcases the silhouette of Mission San Luis Rey like its past materials, as well as a contemporary color scheme and logo.

Priya Singh, General Manager, Oceanside Pole“As a family, we felt it extremely important to develop a brand that honored our deep roots in Oceanside, our heritage and our beliefs, while conveying the intent of our approach,” Priya Singh, Oceanside Pole General Manager and fourth-generation grower, said in the release. “We’re very serious about our mission to grow tomatoes and Brussels sprouts of outstanding quality and flavor, applying the expertise of many generations to provide delicious, beautiful fresh produce that enriches the lives of those who enjoy it.”

As the company boosts its logo and packaging creativity to stay up-to-date with consumers’ interests, it has also doubled its Roma acreage since 2015 to keep up with the growing demand for the variety.

Oceanside Pole has doubled its Roma acreage since 2015 to keep up with the growing demand for the variety

Come July, Romas and then rounds will be making their way into retail locations exclusively through Oppy. To connect with all retail, wholesale, and foodservice needs over the summer, Oppy’s Senior Sales Representative James Galindo will settle into Oceanside to join Priya and the whole Oceanside Pole team.

For retailers looking for “Grown in California” tomato promotions, this is a great option, but the tomatoes are also available throughout the U.S. and can be to the buyer’s color specification anywhere.

For more fresh produce news on marketing revamps and business strategy, check back with us at AndNowUKnow.

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