RSM's Christian Winzeler Highlights Benefits of a Digital Transformation

RSM's Christian Winzeler Highlights Benefits of a Digital Transformation

CHICAGO, IL - Every day, we take another step toward the future, and doing so means embracing the technological advancements developed to ease the management of buy- and supply-side operations. Companies with RSM in their corner are well prepared, as the solutions professional is more than ready to guide its partners through their digital transformation journey.

Christian Winzeler, Consulting Principal, RSM“With the prolonged pandemic, a lot of companies are looking to better utilize technologies for a multitude of reasons,” Consulting Principal Christian Winzeler explains to me. “Currently, there are huge labor challenges on one hand and cost increases due to supply bottleneck on the other. If we look at the use of technology going forward, it can allow you to optimize labor needs through better planning and manage longer equipment up-times, both critical to lowering costs and increasing revenue. Managing costs is critical, and that’s where technology can really provide an advantage.”

RSM works with suppliers to integrate technology and services that drive efficiency through implementing end-to-end solutions connecting different data points to enable easy data entry (e.g. grower receipts), better understanding their customer profile and connecting it all back to the critical field information. RSM uses a variety of tools to bring innovative, industry focused solutions to the table such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.

RSM guides its partners through a digital transformation journey as the company works with suppliers to integrate technology and services

Dynamics 365 is a very powerful platform,” Christian continues. “Using its different components, you can schedule pickups or harvest operations and capture traceability information right at the source in the field. Capturing the information at that point increases visibility for the warehouse and sales team, to enable them to act in a more timely and efficient manner streamlining the product flow. These systems make integration easier with as little manual interaction as possible, so suppliers can utilize them to replace some of the avenues that require more manual work today.”

Microsoft recently recognized RSM with three partner of the year awards in the categories of Dynamics 365 Commerce, Dynamics 365 Field Service, and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management. RSM wields an extensive armory of solutions to help companies streamline their operations, and the tech advisor’s deepened knowledge of the food industry makes it an ideal ally for fresh produce growers.

Dynamics 365 uses different components to provide efficiency, which includes scheduling pickups or harvest operations and capturing traceability information right on the field

“We have an industry focus beyond what we offer from a service perspective. We have been working with produce clients for a very long time, and we’re engaged in the industry at a deep level,” says Christian. “We’ve taken the technology and expanded it with industry-specific solutions to solve some of the unique challenges of our produce clients.”

When describing RSM’s value as a partner in the produce industry, Christian makes it clear and simple:

“We’re the right partner for companies in the produce industry looking for a digital transformation because industry is what we do,” he says. “We’re all about partnering with our clients to enable them on their journey to accomplish their goals, and we do that by coupling a deep understanding of technology and the produce industry.”

Industry advancements are on the horizon, and harnessing these advancements has never been easier with a partner like RSM.


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