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Scattaglia Growers and Shippers' Kira Navison Discusses Year-Round Portfolio and Growth Investments

KINGSBURG, CA - Scattaglia Growers and Shippers has a wide assortment of product offerings for the buy-side, and its operational efficiencies and outlook get a deep dive in our latest interview. Kira Navison, Marketing Director, walks us through some of these particulars.

Kira Navison, Marketing Director, Scattaglia Growers and Shippers"While acreage proceeds to shrink industry-wide, SGS remains bullish, and we are continually expanding our holdings with the most colorful and flavorful fruit varieties," Kira comments as the video walks us through the company's fruit operations.

One of the ways in which SGS goes to bat for its buy-side partners is by providing a full lineup of grapes year-round through its global trading partners.

"We understand that flavor and quality are two of the most important factors to our consumers, and through collaboration with our growing partners, SGS can provide the great grape for you in multiple pack styles," Kira adds. "Quality is paramount at SGS. Our fruit is only harvested once it reaches the right size, sugar content, color, and flavor to ensure that every consumer has a wonderful eating experience."

Scattaglia Growers and Shippers ensures its buy-side partners that quality and flavor profiles are top-notch

Fruit is harvested only at full development, after which it is sent to the company's packing facility. From there, each bin of fruit is delivered in an enclosed curtain van and color-coded for traceability.

"The fruit is cleansed and sanitized before moving on to initial sizing and grading. All of our fruit is hand-packed in a multitude of pack styles to conform to our trading partners' needs. Once the fruit is packed and cooled, it is loaded onto our trucks heading all over North America and overseas," Kira explained.

By working with global trade partners, Scattaglia Growers and Shippers offers a year-round supply of table grapes

For more information about the company's commitment to sustainability and its investment in solar, cold storage, and pest management, be sure to watch our exclusive video above.

ANUK is here to bring you the latest information on growers across the United States, so stay tuned.

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