Stemilt's Brianna Shales Offers Exclusive Insights Ahead of Organic Produce Summit

Stemilt's Brianna Shales Offers Exclusive Insights Ahead of Organic Produce Summit

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WENATCHEE, WA - With the Organic Produce Summit (OPS) quickly approaching, the industry as a whole is revving up to celebrate innovations across the organic sector. As the event nears, I find it only right to get in touch with Stemilt’s Marketing Director Brianna Shales to find out what attendees can expect from the organic apple trailblazer.

Brianna Shales, Marketing Director, Stemilt“The fall timing of the show means our Artisan Organics™ apple and pear program will proudly be on display. Normally, we showcase organic summertime fruits when the show takes place in July. In September, we will be rolling with new crop organic apples and pears and bringing some of our favorites to share at OPS,” Brianna explains. “This event helps us connect with buyers on a key part of our business—organics. We also get to highlight the differentiation of our organic brand, Artisan Organics, and tools to help grow organic apple and pear sales.”

By show time, Stemilt will have good supplies of its organic Honeycrisp apples, as well as mainline varieties like Gala and Fuji. OPS attendees will also get the chance to explore Stemilt’s kid-focused organic Lil Snappers® brand, displaying a unique opportunity to increase the purchase size of organic apples by marketing to both parents and kids.

Stemilt will be showcasing its kid-focused organic Lil Snappers® brand at the upcoming Organic Produce Summit

“Stemilt is a leader in organic fruits, and our heritage dates back to 1989 when our Founder first transitioned fruit to organic production,” Brianna adds. “That heritage translates to experience with the nuances and challenges of growing fruit organically. We focus on growing a modern mix of varieties because those are the ones consumers crave, and Stemilt is all about delighting consumers.”

Stemilt’s unique retail programs also provide buyers with an advantage in the apple category as a whole, offering organic apples in grab-and-go packages, including Lil Snappers and 5 lb Artisan Organics Apple Lover pouch bag packs, helping retailers optimize the convenience factor to drive sales. As the grower looks ahead to OPS, much excitement swarms around the chance to reconnect with buyers and push the apple set to new heights.

The grower will also be highlighting its Artisan Organics™ apple and pear program, as well as tools to help grow organic apple and pear sales

“We are excited to be back with the industry in person to focus on continued growth in organics! Not even a pandemic could slow organic produce sales down, which is incredible,” Shales mentions. “There is so much potential in this category, and it has changed a great deal over the past decade. The fall will be a great time to discuss organic promotions for our fruits, as they really should take shape monthly during the fall, winter, and spring seasons. OPS has always been a great show to connect buyers and suppliers on key topics for the industry. I love the casual setting, and the education and speakers are always top-notch!”

Don’t forget to check out booth #105 to explore Stemilt’s alluring apple varieties and diverse packaging options at this year’s Organic Produce Summit!


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