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Sun World Launches “Better Farms. Better Flavor.” Brand Promise for Earth Day

Sun World Launches “Better Farms. Better Flavor.” Brand Promise for Earth Day

BAKERSFIELD, CA - With April 22nd’s Earth Day on the horizon, the produce industry has sustainability on the brain. And in that vein, Sun World International is honoring the sentiment of the holiday by unveiling its new brand promise: Better Farms. Better Flavor. The new brand promise comes following extensive consumer focus groups, shop-alongs, and survey research to determine target grape consumers’ purchase influences. 

Merrill Dibble, CEO, Sun World International “The Better Farms. Better Flavor. promise communicates our ability and desire to deliver what consumers told us they seek most: consistently delicious grapes grown with care for the Earth and the hardworking people that make that flavor experience possible,” CEO Merrill Dibble said. “As an organization, every decision we make will be made to keep this promise to our consumers, customers, partners, and our people.” 

Sun World plans to spread its brand promise through a series of events throughout the year including: 

  • Rolling out the newly branded Sun-World.com
  • New packaging designs
  • A Family Farm Earth Day Celebration for employees and families
  • The formal launch of the Sun World Sustainability Program & Annual Report 

While the company has long been implementing sustainable practices, including solar-powered vineyards, water reclamation, bee forages, and farm worker safety and empowerment programs, the new sustainability program will now benchmark and set target goals, according to a press release. 

Sun World's new brand promise: Better Farms. Better Flavor.“The Better Farms. Better Flavor. promise will be a common thread throughout all of our global brand building efforts,” added Marketing Manager Natalie Erlendson. “When our customers carry Sun World grapes, they can have confidence that they are delivering to shoppers the best in premium quality grapes, backed by a consumer centric brand position that will create loyalty and repeat sales.”

Want to read more about Sun World’s new brand promise? Check out www.Sun-World.com for all the details.

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