Angela Hernandez Details New Launches to Trinity Fruit Company Portfolio

Angela Hernandez Details New Launches to Trinity Fruit Company Portfolio

FRESNO, CA - If you are all packed and ready to go for Florida, then you must already have a game plan for which booths to stop by while at Southern Exposure. Do you happen to have booth #224 circled on your map? Well, you should, because Trinity Fruit Company has an energizing showcase in mind for the industry. Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, assures this is fact as we sit down to catch up and dive in on the company’s latest developments.

Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Trinity Fruit Company“We have launched three drinks to our functional juice line using mandarin and pomegranate juice as the base ingredients,” Angela begins. “Attendees will find our Focus drink will contain guarana, a plant that provides natural body stimulation to give you energy in the most natural way. The Power juice is a green juice compiled of matcha, spinach, and jalapeño. What I love about this juice is the matcha amplifies the benefits you’d find in a ‘regular ole green juice’ and turns it into a health machine.”

By adding matcha to the Power juice, Trinity is also able to give consumers an extra opportunity to boost their healthy green produce intake. That’s a win-win-win in my opinion!

“Lastly, we have our Immunity drink that is made with a 50/50 mandarin and pomegranate base to give shoppers the immunity benefits that both of these delicious fruits have to offer,” continues Angela. “Along with ginger and carrot, we are giving our immune system a positive boost!”

Trinity Fruit Company has launched three drinks to its functional juice line: Power, Immunity, and Focus

Some positivity is always a good addition to our everyday lives, especially when it’s nutritious! As Angela’s enthusiasm for the new offerings juices me up, I had to know what the team was looking forward to as they make their way to Orlando, Florida.

“Our goal is to introduce the new Squeezed Juice functional drinks to existing and new retail customers. We love that this show is intimate and a way to meet with our customers and continue growing relationships,” Angela shares with a sneaky smile. “As always, the Trinity team is working on some fun things for our partners and customers, so stay tuned!”

Hopped up on good ole new updates energy, we here at ANUK can’t wait to see what else the industry is bringing to Southern Exposure. Check back as we continue to report on the latest developments.

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