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Avocados from Mexico's Maggie Bezart Hall Discusses a Significant Import Boost in Mexican Avocados

Avocados from Mexico's Maggie Bezart Hall Discusses a Significant Import Boost in Mexican Avocados

DALLAS, TX - Mexico’s avocado exports continues to climb to new heights, already expecting to hit 1.8 billion pounds this year over last year’s 1.5 billion pounds.

Maggie Bezart Hall, Vice President of Trade & Promotion for Avocados From Mexico, Inc., took the time to tell me why this sector is such a hot spot for avocados and how that’s come to light.

Maggie Bezart Hall, Vice President of Trade & Promotion, Avocados From Mexico, Inc.“Avocados from Mexico’s substantial growth began in 2007 with a release of the USDA to [permit Mexico avocados] to service all 50 states in US. At that time we were only exporting approximately 500 million pounds,” Maggie tells me, a far cry from this year’s projected 1.8 billion pounds.

This increase isn’t due to a change in Mexico, but to the available markets and promotions in the U.S. that have opened up to the fruit in the last eight years.


“Consumption continues to grow by double digits every year,” Maggie said. "Mexico is the only origin with four blooms a year of avocados, allowing fresh, quality product 365 days a year. That’s how you build consumption is with consistent supply, because retailers can then have promotions instead of waiting for peaks and valleys of fresh supply.”


It is with this supply, and consistent promotions, that Maggie credits the significant growth the Mexican avocado sector has seen. Currently the company is part of the national tailgate tour, providing thousands of tailgaters with it’s Rockin’ Guac “speed scratch” recipe.

“Speed scratch means you are adding a fresh ingredient to prepared ingredients that have flavoring so that you don’t have to spend time chopping and cutting to serve a fresh, quick dish,” Maggie said.

As for what’s next for Avocados From Mexico, Maggie tells me that the increased pounds of product only give the company more excitement about the opportunity to service retail and foodservice with great quality avocados from Mexico.

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