Bowery Farming Hires Execs from Starbucks and Walmart

Bowery Farming Hires Execs from Starbucks and Walmart

NEW YORK CITY, NY - In a move to broaden consumer awareness and increase retail distribution, Bowery Farming has made two key executive hires for the company’s marketing and sales operations. The company appointed Katie Seawell (formerly of Starbucks Coffee Company) and Carmela Cugini (formerly of Walmart) as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer and EVP of Sales, respectively.

Irving Fain, CEO and Co-Founder, Bowery Farming“We are thrilled to have Carmela and Katie join the Bowery team,” Irving Fain, CEO and Co-Founder, stated in the press release. “We are committed to building a smart and passionate team that is dedicated to our mission of growing food for a better future. Katie and Carmela will be tasked with sharing our mission—and the work we are doing to revolutionize agriculture—to retail partners and consumers, ultimately bringing Bowery’s safe, fresh, and delicious locally-grown produce to more homes."

Bowery Farming appointed Katie Seawell (formerly of Starbucks Coffee Company) and Carmela Cugini (formerly of Walmart) as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer and EVP of Sales, respectively

Both Seawell and Cugini come to Bowery with vast experience in the food retail industry and are set to play a vital role in expanding the company’s operations and supporting Bowery’s mission of growing safe, fresh produce for a better future as the company plans to expand its network of farms to new markets over the coming months.

Katie Seawell, Chief Marketing Officer, Bowery Farming“I was immediately drawn to Bowery’s approach to re-thinking the agricultural system and offering sustainable, fresh produce that meets the needs of our growing population,” Seawell commented. “I look forward to helping grow the Bowery brand, uncovering ways to connect directly with customers who believe in our mission.

Seawell led a variety of leadership roles at Starbucks, where she spent over a decade within the marketing and product organization field including driving brand campaigns, developing go-to-market strategies, product innovation, and most recently as SVP of Siren Retail Operations. Her new role with Bowery as the Chief Marketing Officer will include leading the marketing team, spearheading initiatives to build the company’s brand, consumer outreach in both existing and new markets, and partnering with the agriculture science team pertaining to innovation strategy to provide insights on consumer produce trends.

Carmela Cugini, EVP of Sales, Bowery Farming“I’m excited to join Bowery at a pivotal moment for the company’s growth,” stated Cugini. “Now more than ever, consumers are demanding more transparency on where their produce comes from and how it was grown. For retailers, Bowery provides that insight and accountability. I look forward to working with our partners—existing and new—to ensure Bowery’s produce is top of mind for consumers looking for fresh, delicious produce.”

Cugini’s experience stems from her vast experience with e-commerce retail, consumer packaged goods, financial planning, and sales. Prior to her role as Vice President and General Manager of Walmart’s US e-commerce and for three years, Cugini spent over 13 years at PepsiCo and four years at Merrill Lynch. Her strong background in sales management, key account sales, revenue management strategy, and marketing and brand development made her a key choice as Bowery’s new EVP of Sales. Cugini’s new duties with Bowery will include growing its network of retail partners and distribution channels while educating grocers on the benefits of indoor-grown, pesticide-free produce.

Congratulations to both Seawell and Cugini on their next adventure!


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