Crunch Pak and Duda Farm Fresh Foods Take Products to the Winter X Games

Crunch Pak and Duda Farm Fresh Foods Take Products to the Winter X Games

OVIEDO, FL – Duda Farm Fresh Foods and Crunch Pak have joined together to create the extreme snack option for the biggest appetites: X Games 2016 in Aspen, CO.

Krista Jones, Director of Brand Marketing and Product Innovation, Crunch Pak“Healthy snacking is huge right now – especially for Millennials who view elite athletes as lifestyle role models,” Krista Jones, Director of Brand Marketing and Product Innovation for Crunch Pak, said in a press release. “We have enough name brand awareness that event organizers ask us to participate.”

The two snacking giants will have an entirely new platform to showcase their lines when they provide fresh snacks for the athletes involved in the big event, a tempting draw when they were approached by X Games organizers for the opportunity.

 Elena Hernandez, Marketing Manager, Duda“Duda delivers what Americans want to eat,” Elena Hernandez, Marketing Manager for Duda, said in the release. “More than half of Americans snack two to three times a day. The mission of our company is to offer our products in ways that directly meets the needs of consumers, particularly in the celery category. Consumer research shows us that Millennials are all about the experience and the X Games is a great way to reach them in an environment they’re passionate about.”

Duda Farm Fresh Foods

The pair’s participation will include donating product to the Athlete Lounge for the athletes to snack on between competitions, as well as sampling a variety of fresh apple and celery snacks with the X Games attendees.

At the event, Duda will be serving its new Dandy® Celery Snack Line, which includes the following ready-to-eat items:

  • Celery Sticks in a 1.6-ounce single serve package
  • Dandy® celery and peanut butter packs (available in 2.3 ounce and 4.15 ounces) that pairs Naturally Sweeter and Crispier™ celery with a squeezable peanut butter pouch from Peanut Butter & Co®
  • Crunchables™ a grab-and-go cup that contains celery sticks with three Ranch-flavored dips or Peanut Butter.

In turn, Crunch Pak will offer a variety of its single serve snacks including:

  • Snackers featuring licensing partners Marvel and the NBA
  • Dipperz
  • Foodles
  • 2-ounce mini bags

While their first time at this event, it isn’t the first time the companies have partnered to reach new audiences; previously the two teamed up to sponsor events for media representatives and food bloggers.

The X Games will take place later this week, Jan. 28-31.

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