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D'Arrigo California Installs 1.1 Megawatts of Solar Power to CalCom Solar Projects

D'Arrigo California Installs 1.1 Megawatts of Solar Power to CalCom Solar Projects

SALINAS, CA - D’Arrigo California has taken another step in its commitment to sustainability, reaching the third phase of its solar power project designed by Calcom Solar. With this third of four total steps, the company has installed an additional 1.1 MW of solar power, bringing its current total solar capacity to 3.3 MW.

John D'Arrigo, President/CEO and Chairman of the Board, D'Arrigo California"CalCom Solar has been an excellent partner in advancing our sustainability strategies to include increasing amounts of renewable energy,” explained John D’Arrigo, President/CEO, as well as Chairman of the Board for D’Arrigo California. "We have always championed sustainability as a core business practice, and it is gratifying to see the fruits of our labor generate solar power to operate our business on clean energy. We run on solar, not only because of its sustainability benefits, which are significant, but because solar energy is fundamentally a smart business decision."

D'Arrigo's newly installed phase three solar farm in Gonzales, California

In addition to being savvy for both business and economics, the company shared in a press release that the supplemental 1.1 MW will significantly reduce CO2 emissions. D’Arrigo California expects the new system in Gonzales, CA, to offset carbon emissions equivalent to removing 8,750 cars from the road over the course of 25 years. And as for the solar power, the company expects it to replace traditional electrical power on 14 of 17 ranch meters that are active on 1,139 acres.

Dylan Dupre, Chief Executive Officer, CalCom Solar"D’Arrigo California is building on its 97 year tradition of agricultural leadership by becoming a leader in sustainability and the global transition to clean energy," added Dylan Dupre, Chief Executive Officer of CalCom Solar. "Agricultural businesses of all sizes can go solar to substantially reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. The system will provide D’Arrigo California significant utility savings over the next 25 years and will provide significant environmental benefits as well."

When D’Arrigo California’s fourth and final phase of the project is complete in the first half of 2018, the combined solar power will reach 5.5 MW.

D'Arrigo California

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