D'Arrigo New York Celebrates National Mango Month

D'Arrigo New York Celebrates National Mango Month

BRONX, NY - We are celebrating many things this June, and National Mango Month is one of them! The golden fruit has earned its spot as a consumer favorite, and D’Arrigo New York is here to keep that momentum going.

“Mangos are an extremely versatile fruit that we are pleased to celebrate this month,” D’Arrigo said in a recent release to the industry. “From health benefits to their sweet, juicy flavor, mangos are a unique superfood. New foods and beverages featuring mango have grown by 24 percent in the past five years. In large part, this growth has been fueled by how well mangoes perform in smoothies, healthy fruit drinks, and yogurt.”

As the release noted, one of D’Arrigo’s top mango partners is Continental Fresh, which produces fruit from Central and South America. Not only are the company’s mangos a hit, but D’Arrigo is shining a spotlight on Continental’s social responsibility efforts.

From health benefits to their sweet, juicy flavor, mangos are a unique superfood

“Their Water For All label donates one penny from the sale of every box to water projects in Latin America. Over the past three seasons they have raised $125,000 for BLUE Missions,” the release noted. “This nonprofit takes their donations and uses 100 percent of it to fund the material costs of constructing gravity-driven aqueducts in rural communities, and connects every home with a faucet.”

If there were ever a time to elevate this coveted fruit in the produce aisle, it would be now. Stay tuned for more category spotlights from ANUK.

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