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Hendrick's Gin Animal Behaviourist Dr. Roger Mugford Talks Cat Vs Cucumber Phenomenon

Hendrick's Gin Animal Behaviourist Dr. Roger Mugford Talks Cat Vs Cucumber Phenomenon

THE WORLD - As Cucumber Day, June 14, approaches, cat lovers and produce enthusiasts alike are rightly concerned with the inevitable complications that will arise for the globe’s cat population. As many of you may know by now, cats and cucumbers are sworn nemeses, having immortalized their feud in a viral video last year.


As this day of cucumber celebration approaches, Hendrick’s Gin enlisted the help of world animal behaviorist and former master trainer to the British Queen’s corgis, Dr. Roger Mugford, to detail a “cucumber exposure program” for easing your felines into the stressful situations ahead.

First of all, why exactly do cats hate this long, green gourd? According to Dr. Mugford, it’s a cat’s suspicious nature—the oddness and unusual persona of the green fruit makes them feel uneasy, he explains in a Hendrick’s press release.


“I’ve witnessed a lot of odd things in my time, but I never thought the humble cucumber could provoke such a profound reaction,” explains David Piper, Hendrick’s Global Brand Ambassador. “It is something of a bolt from the green for kitties and the danger this poses is very real. We encourage everyone, everywhere, to take the necessary precautions to ensure curious individuals worldwide can celebrate World Cucumber Day with a slice of the unusual.”

Watch the video below for expert advice how best to acclimate your kitty pals to the threatening fruit.

Another key tip Hendrick’s gives for making fast friends between these foes? Submerge all your cucumbers in a Hendrick’s and tonic.

“The cucumber is at the core of our gin, which is oddly infused with cucumber itself, the gin that is, not the cucumber - a cucumber is wholly made of cucumber,” Piper continued. “Cats have an illogical fear of cucumbers - so as inventors of the cucumber garnish, we have to act responsibly and ensure cats feel at ease as we enjoy our Hendrick’s libations garnished, of course, with a cucumber, on World Cucumber Day. Did I mention the importance of cucumbers?”

I, for one, plan to implement the Piper strategy into my own Cucumber Day plans—for produce research only, of course.

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