Man Sets New World Record, Smashes 51 Watermelons With His Head in 60 Seconds

Man Sets New World Record, Smashes 51 Watermelons With His Head in 60 Seconds

PAKISTAN - Cutting a watermelon is not necessarily the easiest task—it’s messy and laborious and requires the largest of kitchen knives—unless you’re Rashid Naseem. Unlike the rest of us mortals, Naseem only needs one extra melon (his head) to crack open and enjoy the delicious summertime fruit. This week, in Karachi, Pakistan, Naseem nabbed a Guinness World Record after smashing 51 watermelons with his head in one minute.

“It takes a lot of practice to break a world record. I’ve been practicing the attempts for [the] past several months,” Naseem said, according to Ary News. “My aim is to make 50 world records and make my country proud; setting up new records is giving me a lot of happiness as it gives my fellow a feeling of pride.”

The former record holder, Germany’s Tafzi Ahmed, had previously smashed 43 watermelons in one minute.

But before any of you try this at home, Naseem is trained in martial arts and runs a martial arts training school. Not to mention, he isn’t new to world record breaking. Along with cracking the most green coconuts with his head, smooshing the highest number of drink cans, and removing the most bottle caps, Naseem also claimed the most walnuts crushed after his watermelon success when he smashed 281 walnuts in one minutes, beating the previous record of 251.

And while I couldn’t take my eyes away from the video of Naseem crushing watermelons with his cranium, I can’t help but wish someone would edit in Beyoncé singing “watermelon” every time Naseem successfully smashed one open. Internet don’t fail me now. Check out the unedited video above!

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