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NPA Insurgents Raid Philippine Banana Plantations

NPA Insurgents Raid Philippine Banana Plantations

PHILIPPINES - Two Philippine banana plantations were the scene of an armed raid by insurgents from the New People's Army last Saturday. In response to a refusal by the owners of the plantations to pay extortion payments to the NPA, guerrilla soldiers stormed the two sites, setting fire to a crop duster and hanger on one and burning a building, farming equipment and destroying roughly 300 banana plants in the other, according to Business World Online.

“The rebels disarmed the security guards and seized their two shotguns, tied their arms... then proceeded to the hangar and poured gasoline onto the (crop-duster) plane. It took only less than 30 minutes to burn the area,” said Jomar Ascares the police officer investigating the first raid site.

Altogether about 110 NPA soldiers were involved in the fighting, according to Business World Online. Thankfully, no reports of casualties have emerged in the wake of these crimes.

Sadly, this is not the first time that a Philippine banana plantation has been the site of armed violence. Last month, AndNowUKnow reported on the firefight at the Delinanas Banana Plantation when Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters clashed with Philippine troops.

Hopefully however, this story will be the last of its kind that ANUK has to report on for a long time to come.