Oppy Ramps Up For Oceanside Pole Vine-Ripened Tomato Season; Mark Smith Comments

Oppy Ramps Up For Oceanside Pole Vine-Ripened Tomato Season; Mark Smith Comments

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OCEANSIDE, CA - Nothing screams summer like the addition of fresh, flavorful tomatoes decorating the produce aisles and my plate. Ramping up for a highly anticipated season, Oppy has revealed the arrival of its pole-grown Oceanside Pole label tomatoes. With summer festivities approaching, the company expects the season’s first vine-ripened Roma and round tomatoes to make their appearance by the Fourth of July, just in time for retailers to capitalize on sales.

“Our team harvests each acre 18–20 times throughout the season to ensure each tomato is carefully hand-picked at its best,” said Director of Sales and Strategy Mark Smith. “In many cases, we pack, ship, and deliver to our customers within 24 hours. Because of our central location and efficiency, we only harvest tomatoes when ready. That translates to high brix levels, exceptional flavor, and an extended shelf life that you can only expect from the Oceanside Pole label.”

As of right now, over one million poles sit across 750 acres of land in Oceanside, California, preparing to deliver the first yield of Oceanside Pole tomatoes. According to a press release, this year, 2.2 million cases of rounds and 1.1 million cases of Romas will be shipped throughout the U.S. and Canada, with preferred ripeness for consumer needs.

Oppy has announced the arrival of its Oceanside Pole label's vine-ripened tomato season ahead of the Fourth of July

To bolster this season’s success, team members have been walking the fields each day to monitor the health and development of each plant. Additionally, upgraded packing lines have been put in place to ensure even greater precision when it comes to harvesting the crops, ensuring that Oppy is prepared to meet the foodservice and retail demands with the best possible quality. Food safety and traceability have also been top-of-mind for the company.

Oceanside Pole also prides itself on playing a supportive role in the local community, including its pledge to hire military veterans from neighboring Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton. The brand is also collaborating on an internship program that provides civilian work experience for soldiers leaving the military.

The brand’s vine-ripened tomatoes will be peaking in September and October and will be finishing at the beginning of December. Oceanside Pole packs in 22 lbs two layers, 25 lb volume fill, 15 lb single layer, RPCs, and 5 lb club packs.

Offer this high-quality brand in your stores this summer and watch your shoppers come in droves to fill their baskets—I know I might be one of them.


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