Pure Flavor® Takes Home the Besties Award for Best Snack Ad; Chris Veillon Comments

Pure Flavor® Takes Home the Besties Award for Best Snack Ad; Chris Veillon Comments

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LEAMINGTON, ON - The Snack Magazine is committed to visually elevating the fresh produce industry, driven by our leaders’ passion to publish not just a trade magazine, but a book that could rest proudly next to Vogue, Food & Wine, or Travel + Leisure. As our Editor in Chief, Jordan Okumura, says, we are a team of creatives who see categories instead of commodities. The recent launch of the Besties Awards gave us the ability to showcase those who also see categories, brands, and stories worth being spotlighted. And when it came to selecting the Best Snack Ad, no one reflected that vision like Pure Flavor®.

Chris Veillon, Chief Marketing Officer, Pure Flavor®“When it comes to advertising, I think this award says a lot about what we’ve done, and we are blown away to be the best ad of the year. I am humbled and very proud of my team for bringing our Solara ad to life,” Chris Veillon, Chief Marketing Officer for Pure Flavor, shared with me. “We’ve admired The Snack for a long time, so to receive this recognition was a huge honor for us. I relished the opportunity to be there at AndNowUKnow’s event and for it to be recognized that my team has done extremely well in this space.”

Anyone who knows Chris knows he advocates for our industry’s image constantly; in his and his team’s own actions, on social platforms, and at industry events. As he tells me, it is not just the right ad, or even the right product: It is true belief in all that backs these.

Chris Veillon (center) receives the Besties Award for Best Snack Ad on behalf of the Pure Flavor® team from AndNowUKnow's Robert Lambert (left) and Jordan Okumura (right)

“You do have to have the right product and right timing, but most importantly the right message. Everything is focused on inspiring people and creating more consumption,” he pointed out. “I use The Snack as a benchmark for our creative, and you see in everything we do an intention to be for everyone. Live Deliciously® fuels me when I look at our marketing strategy, and we are very fortunate to have a team that understands and pushes this continuous drive to be different. Everything we do comes from within—we have a very talented internal team I am really proud of.”

These are the heights to which we hope to see all businesses that make fresh produce accessible reach, and I for one am incredibly grateful to have Chris and the Pure Flavor team as allies and friends in that mission.

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