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Seald Sweet Launches New Citrus Packaging and Brand

Seald Sweet Launches New Citrus Packaging and Brand

VERO BEACH, FL - Seald Sweet is pushing their summer citrus program with a new line-up of sweet mandarin oranges: Mandarina's™. This new brand of oranges take its name from a sweet, little girl character named 'Mandarina' intended to personify the sweetness of the orange.


Mayda Sotomayor, CEO, Seald Sweet“The varieties which are specifically selected to be packed in the Mandarina’s™ brand packaging are the best of the mandarin category,” says Mayda Sotomayor, Seald Sweet’s CEO. “It is our commitment to retailers and consumers that only the best, juiciest and sweetest varieties are packed in this brand. We consider Mandarina’s™ to be the ‘crème de le crème’ of easy-peelers.” 


Through bright colors on the packaging, an endearingly sweet mascot in Mandarina and kid-friendly graphics which decorate the packaging, Seald Sweet is striving to give candy-like appeal to Mandarina's™ through visual marketing.


“As part of the industry initiative to improve the health and well-being of our nation’s children, we want to appeal to young consumers with this brand,” says Kim Flores, Seald Sweet’s Director of Marketing. “Mandarina personifies sweetness, and helps emphasize smart snacking solutions with children.”


Seald Sweet’s Mandarina’s™ sweet mandarins will be available for purchase from August through October, with conventional clementines coming to stores June through August. Seald Sweet’s Summer Citrus line-up also features navel oranges, Minneola Tangelos, and Cara Cara (red) oranges.


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