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Superior Fresh Discusses New Citrus Splash SKU

Superior Fresh Discusses New Citrus Splash SKU

HIXTON, WI - There’s nothing quite like a bright and citrusy eating experience to wash away winter-time blues. Consumers are in luck this season as Superior Fresh recently rolled out its new Citrus Splash salad kit SKU. I was eager to learn why this product is such a unique addition, so I linked up with Todd Linsky to get the inside scoop.

Todd Linsky, Superior Fresh“The unique flavor of this product is what sets it apart from any other product on the market. Bringing incredible versatility while delivering on an unrivaled flavor profile, the Citrus Splash SKU is what consumers have been waiting for,” Todd told me. “From a taco topping to replacing hollandaise sauce during Sunday brunch, this blend can be enjoyed undressed while elevating any salad you decide to toss and serve. And kids love it, too!”

The new Citrus Splash SKU is 100 percent kid approved and family friendly, Todd said. Bright lemony bites of sorrel combine with tender, crisp pieces of lettuce to create a one-of-a-kind blend in the produce space. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, and your consumers’ will too. In fact, shoppers are exactly what Superior Fresh had in mind when creating its new product, ensuring that the company is both filling a gap in the market and delivering on consumer expectations.

Superior Fresh’s new Citrus Splash salad kit SKU combines unique flavor and freshness to wow consumers in the produce aisle

“We always include our customers in the innovation process, so they were the true inspiration behind the new product launch,” Todd continued. “Listening to the consumer and asking questions is what helps us grow and continues to inspire us to do better every day. We aim to bring exciting, family-friendly salad kits to consumers. At the end of the day, our goal is to drive consumption through fresh new flavors and ideas.”

On a final note, I asked Todd whether we can expect to see other new products anytime soon. Though Superior Fresh remains tightlipped surrounding the nature of its future launches, I can confirm that more new innovations are in the pipeline.

Excited to find out what’s next? Stay tuned as we at AndNowUKnow continue to report.

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