Teri Miller Announces Retirement from Fresh Produce

Teri Miller Announces Retirement from Fresh Produce

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SALISBURY, NC - When Teri Miller walks into a room, you know it. There are friends in every corner, mentees waiting to be enlightened, and companies galore she has helped to grow and evolve through her years of experience, passion, and integrity. As she looks to her next chapter, the industry maven has announced her retirement from the industry and the excitement she is finding in her next path.

Teri Miller, Business Analyst, Freshouse
Teri Miller, Retired, Retail Veteran

“I've worked in government, finance, and the food industry. But the most fun and the hardest is the produce industry,” Teri shared with me. “I met a great deal of wonderful people who welcomed me, coached me, and gave me a lot of straight talk. I will always love this industry because of the people—those of you that I hold dear, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!”

With 35 years in the grocery business, 28 of those with Food Lion, six years with The Fresh Market, and her most recent time with Freshouse, Teri has gleaned a world of wisdom and more friendships than she can count.

Teri Miller is relishing in her plans to celebrate her retirement by spending more time with her grandbaby, Hayden Hunter Miller

“My advice to those starting out in fresh produce, it does not matter what side of the table you are on, treat people with respect, but hold each other accountable! Listen, be honest, and own your role in your business and personal life,” Teri reflected.

Teri’s official retirement began on February 16.

Teri’s next path? Being a Pro Bono Grammy, as she calls it. Teri has been married to Johnny Miller for 35 years and looks forward to spending more time with their son, Dalton Miller, and his beautiful wife, Ashley, and new grandbaby Hayden Hunter Miller.

Teri, we are so thankful for all you have shared with us. Congrats on your growing family, and what lies ahead. Don’t be a stranger!