Wegmans Debuts New Shopping App

Wegmans Debuts New Shopping App

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BUFFALO, NY - Though many online tools were created in the name of convenience, some of today’s consumers consider the internet a necessity when it comes to getting groceries. Retailers have long been in a bid to innovate the connection with their shoppers, and Wegmans recently rolled out a new check-out app that is sure to do so.

As reported by WGRZ, Wegmans recently launched its new SCAN app that has been tested at select stores over the past year. Some Wegmans shoppers in the Buffalo, New York, market now have access to the SCAN app, allowing them to scan their groceries before placing them in the cart.

Wegmans SCAN innovation was created to help provide a smooth and efficient shopping experience. The news source noted that the app is currently only available in Wegmans East Coast stores on Amherst Street, Alberta Drive, Losson Road, and McKinley Parkway.

This contact-free brick-and-mortar strategy also mimics moves made by the likes of Walmart, Kroger, Publix, and Meijer—a sign of the times that more grocery retailers are infusing convenience into their store models.

As consumers continue to expect online resources to accommodate their eating experiences, AndNowUKnow will keep you up to date on the latest innovative solutions.