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Wonderful Pistachios Introduces No Shells Brand's First Campaign

Wonderful Pistachios Introduces No Shells Brand's First Campaign "Sometimes, Naked is Better"

LOS ANGELES, CA - Fresh off the heels of its No Shells packaging refresh, Wonderful Pistachios launched its first-ever marketing campaign for the product. Combined with its new bright green packaging and no-shell nuts, Wonderful Pistachios’ No Shells brand maintains the great taste of pistachios without the fuss. Cheeky and fun, the No Shells campaign—titled Sometimes, Naked Is Better—features classical nude statues covered in various bits of outrageous clothing and then derobes them to show that their original form is better.

Adam Cooper, VP of Marketing, Wonderful Company“Our No Shells brand has grown 40 percent over the past year to $150 million in retail sales. We are optimistic that the eye-catching new packaging and new dedicated campaign will accelerate the growth in this segment. The displays for these new bags have a small footprint that are great for placement at checkout. And we know 80 percent of shoppers are looking for healthier options at the register,” explained Adam Cooper, Vice President of Marketing.

Venus de Milo, the star of Wonderful Pistachios' new campaign video

As noted in a press release, Venus de Milo, one of the most famous works of ancient Greek sculptures, stars in the campaign’s first video. Amusingly, the video follows Venus around the museum as she enjoys some alone time. After working 13-hour days, 6 days a week, she has no time at all for anything but the absolute essentials, and Wonderful Pistachios No Shells offer her that easy-to-eat-snack that keeps her fueled for those grueling work days.

Sometimes, Naked is Better was created by Wonderful Pistachio’s in-house creative team, Wonderful Agency, led by Chief Creative Officer Darren Moran.

Darren Moran, Chief Creative Officer, Wonderful Company“Some people like to undress their Wonderful Pistachios themselves and that’s great,” said Moran. “But if you’re on the go, or a statue that long-ago lost its appendages, having a pistachio that’s already naked is just all-around better. And you don’t have to be an art lover to appreciate that.”

This new creative campaign has a targeted social media strategy that hopes to reach consumers on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

“Wonderful Pistachios No Shells are popular among our consumers looking for a little convenience in their snacking and to easily use in recipes to add a little crunch and protein to their meals,” continued Cooper.

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