Aldi Rolls Out New Private Label for Fresh Produce

Aldi Rolls Out New Private Label for Fresh Produce

POLAND - Aldi continues proving it is a force to be reckoned with. Among news of the retailer doubling its grocery delivery service, expanding its physical presence, and fortifying its supply network, Aldi is elevating its fresh produce game. Recently, the German grocer announced it will be introducing a new private label brand in Poland.

According to local news source dlahandlu, Aldi will be offering a line of fresh vegetables and fruit under the ŚwieżeJesz label. The brand will ultimately cover all packaged vegetables and fruits as well as selected products from this category sold by the piece.

Aldi continues to make many strategic moves in retail, including its latest foray into private label produce

The source states Aldi will be cooperating with domestic suppliers for an assortment of categories, more than half of which will be coming from Polish farmers and fruit growers. Currently, ŚwieżeJesz includes products such as American blueberries, raspberries, cut celery, parsley, and mushrooms.

We know that the debate exists in our industry around the challenges of how private label impacts a suppliers vision for its own brand loyalty, especially when investing in consumer loyalty, messaging, and recognition. How are retailers and suppliers addressing this conversation? We will keep our fingers on the pulse!

As Aldi continues to accelerate its growth globally, how will the supply chain be affected if the grocer considers the same strategy in the States? ANUK will continue to follow the trail.