Amazon Go Unveils Plans for Expanded Store Format

Amazon Go Unveils Plans for Expanded Store Format

SEATTLE, WA - Amazon is reportedly expanding its high-tech concept store Amazon Go. News source GeekWire first began reporting on a second location in the company’s hometown earlier this week—noting that the new store will be nearly double the size of its pilot—at 3,000 square feet of fresh-focused retail space.

Amazon has unveiled plans to open a second Amazon Go location in downtown Seattle, boasting a 70 percent larger format

Sharp-eyed Seattleites first noticed Amazon Go’s “No Lines. No Checkout. (No Seriously.)” motto through a gap in window-covering at the downtown Seattle Madison Center, and the retailer confirmed the new store location to GeekWire, noting: “We are excited to bring Amazon Go to 920 5th Avenue in Seattle. The store will open in Fall 2018.”

The news source went on to review permit filings and discovered that the new location is 70 percent larger than its predecessor—less than a mile away at the base of the Amazon Day 1 tower.

Although the store has no cashiers, attendants and food service associates are key components to ensuring this format works

This February, Amazon confirmed plans that it would open six new Amazon Go stores over the course of 2018, and at that time, billionaire developer Rick Caruso noted that he and the retailer were in “serious talks” to bring the company’s cashierless concept to Caruso’s 600,000-square-foot Los Angeles, California, store The Grove, though Amazon refused to comment on the matter.

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