Bako Sweet® Boasts Necessary Marketing Materials for National Sweet Potato Month; Alexandra Rae Molumby Shares

Bako Sweet® Boasts Necessary Marketing Materials for National Sweet Potato Month; Alexandra Rae Molumby Shares

BAKERSFIELD, CA - There’s something oh so sweet about sweet potatoes being amazing enough to garner an entire month’s celebration. National Sweet Potato Month celebrates the versatility and nutrition of this spud, and Country Sweet Produce’s Bako Sweet® brand has the marketing materials to bring this promotion to life.

Alexandra Rae Molumby, Marketing Manager, Bako Sweet®“National Sweet Potato Month is the same month as American Heart Month and we are excited to promote the health benefits of the category,” Alexandra Rae Molumby, Marketing Manager, explained to me. “Our sweet potato harvest provided great yields for us to work with retailers on ads on our different value-added product lines.”

Bako Sweet offers a whole host of products for the hungry consumer. Providing both organic and conventional lines, the sweet potato supplier knows exactly how to capture the attention of shoppers intent on both convenience and nutrition.

As National Sweet Potato Month and American Heart Month collide, Bako Sweet is highlighting the health benefits of its products to draw consumer attention to the category

Take me, for example, a hungry Millennial who often needs a quick meal after work. Bako Sweet’s Organic Sweet Potato Steam Bag gets me close to a full meal in less than ten minutes. Plus, the brand has recipes online that help shoppers plan ahead. Spicy Sweet Potato tacos anyone?

“In addition to retail ready displays, we’ll have a national giveaway on our social channels and website to promote sweet potatoes as a heart-healthy food,” Rae noted.

Bako Sweet® will also be showing off the convenience of its value-added product lines, including its easy to prepare Organic Sweet Potato Steam Bags

As we reported last month, shoppers are aiming to eat healthier. Retailers, help them carry this momentum forward by bringing this sweet potato promotion to your store—especially since February 22 is National Cook a Sweet Potato Day!

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