Divine Flavor Details Family History; Carlos Bon and Juan Gonzalo Baldera Juarez Comment

Divine Flavor Details Family History; Carlos Bon and Juan Gonzalo Baldera Juarez Comment

NOGALES, AZ - For Divine Flavor, there are many factors that have played into its success, but one of the most important is family. Formed nearly 16 years ago, the brand was created when Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Alta Alan Aguirre; Carlos Bon, Sales Manager at the time and now the Vice President of Sales for Divine Flavor; and Pedro Batiz, all men from the same family, joined forces to launch Divine Flavor. Over the years, this connection has led to continued company growth.

Carlos Bon, Vice President of Sales, Divine Flavor“Having strong family roots has been an essential factor to our success at Grupo Alta and Divine Flavor,” said Bon. “If you look at some of the most successful growers here in Mexico, they all come from good families and the reason for their longevity is because family-oriented companies have stronger bonds within their organization. They have more passion, and their dedication to their farm produces excellent results, which is what we look for when working with external partners.”

This emphasis on family and connection has led Divine Flavor to seek out partners with similar values, and what led the company to El Parral, a multi-generational grower in the Caborca region of Sonora, Mexico.

At the heart of Divine Flavor is a family history that cements partnerships and growth across its operations

According to a release, while a majority of Divine’s grape production comes from the vineyards of Grupo Alta, the company has established strategic partnerships with other experienced producers as demand has grown. This includes El Parral, which has been an ally for almost a decade.

Formed in the early 1980s by Juan Angel Juarez Aviña, El Parral was one of the first growers in the region to produce the Thompson variety.

Working alongside grower partners like El Parral, Divine Flavor continues its commitment to family values and strong leadership

During the time, it was difficult to find companies to purchase the grapes and distribute product, but over the years, Aviña navigated the industry and eventually passed the company on to his daughter Beatriz Juarez Gutiérrez, the current Owner, and his grandson Juan Gonzalo Baldera Juarez, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. El Parral eventually partnered with Divine Flavor in 2016.

Juan Gonzalo Baldera Juarez, Chief Executive Officer, El Parral“Divine Flavor represents the top of the market when it comes to grapes and their other products and working with them has been a tremendous opportunity for our company,” said Juarez. “As a grower, one of the most important factors will always be the pricing, but to work with Divine Flavor you have to meet a certain level of expectation and comply with all the requirements to pack their label. My biggest impression I have with them is they push us to be better growers and get to the next level as they do with their farms at Grupo Alta, and for us, all the hard work is worth it."

To read more about Divine Flavor’s partnership with El Parral and its dedication to family, click here.

Backed by this commitment to connection, how will Divine Flavor continue to evolve? Stick with AndNowUKnow for answers.

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