Dollar General's CEO Todd Vasos Teases Produce Expansion

Dollar General's CEO Todd Vasos Teases Produce Expansion

GOODLETTSVILLE, TN - This week, Dollar General released its first quarter 2018 financial results, with positive sales growth despite a tight grocery market and adverse weather conditions. As a result, the company’s CEO Todd Vasos said during the company’s earnings call that Dollar General could be adding fresh fruits and vegetables to thousands of locations.

Todd Vasos, Chief Executive Officer, Dollar General“We see [produce] as a competitive advantage, especially in rural areas where there isn’t a lot of competition and/or food choices, especially healthy food choices for our core consumers,” Vasos said.

Currently, Dollar General offers fresh produce in 200 of its stores, with 45 additional stores offering produce after last quarter. According to the retailer’s financial report, Dollar General plans to remodel 1,000 stores, 400 of which will model the retailer’s “traditional plus” format that includes grocery offerings and coolers for perishable items, and open 900 new locations in the second half of 2018. In total, Dollar General operates almost 15,000 stores.

Dollar General storefront

Along with produce, Vasos also spoke about the company’s efforts with its private healthy snacking label, Good & Smart, which includes 130 items, like dried fruit, coconut water, and more.

“Our goal is to build Good & Smart into a unique private brand that becomes a go-to-product line for our customers when they look for good food choices at smart prices,” Vasos continued.

Will Dollar General find success in the produce sphere and roll out fresh offerings to more locations in its 15,000-store network? For more produce journeys into retail, AndNowUKnow will continue to report.

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