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Index Fresh's John Dmytriw Details GEM Avocado Program

Index Fresh's John Dmytriw Details GEM Avocado Program

RIVERSIDE, CA - A walk through the produce department is comparable to a stroll through a beautiful botanical garden, as unique colors and shapes can be spotted with every step taken. And now the opportunity has arisen to bring even more beauty to the aisles as Index Fresh’s GEM avocados prepare to step into the well-deserved spotlight. Enlightened by a conversation with Index Fresh’s John Dmytriw, Vice President of Business Development, I learned what truly classifies this variety as a GEM.

John Dmytriw, Vice President of Business Development, Index Fresh“We want to educate buyers that there are other great varieties out there,” John explains to me. “Being able to introduce consumers to a piece of fruit they’re already familiar with, that will only exceed their expectations, and is locally grown, is all the reason to be more excited—and we are.”

This is Index Fresh’s third season actively promoting and supplying customers with this tantalizing variety, which Index Fresh began packing in the beginning of April. Only available for 12-14 weeks, there’s no time to wait when it comes to drawing attention to the GEM avocado.

As Index Fresh's GEM avocado variety begins packing, the company recommends retailers use in-store advertising and cross-merchandising to capture shopper attention

“We expect this variety to see continued growth, especially over the next five years, so it’s important to get it in front of consumers now and educate them on its value,” says John.

Drawing attention is not a challenging task for the GEM avocado, as its dazzling gold-speckled skin is enough to spark curiosity in any shopper. Placing this variety alongside more well-known types like Hass avocados is the key to drawing in consumers who don’t traditionally stop for Hass avocados while also presenting an enticing new variety to those who do.

“We’re offering a premium fruit while also providing shoppers with a broader selection in the category,” John adds. “The GEM avocado also has a similar appearance to the Hass when it’s ripe, so consumers will feel comfortable trying it out for the first time."

As John mentioned, the GEM avocado also has similar handling characteristics to the Hass avocado, so shoppers will quickly recognize the quality and versatility of the fruit. As demand for this variety increases, the GEM is a unique advantage to bolster the avocado category as a whole.

Index Fresh offers vibrant display posters to highlight this seasonal variety and goes above and beyond to ensure its customers’ needs are met, timing its harvest and customizing its packaging to meet the demand of its retail partners.

The GEM avocado is an opportunity too good to miss, so retailers, stock up while you can.

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