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Lidl Launches a New Loyalty Program to Boost App Usage

Lidl Launches a New Loyalty Program to Boost App Usage

UNITED STATES - Nowadays, the reality of grocery shopping is simple: Many consumers frequent multiple stores at a time. To combat this reality, retailers are enlisting strategies to up consumer loyalty to their store and their store alone.

Lidl, for example, recently launched the Lidl Plus app to offer its regular shoppers personalized deals on what they buy. These consumers also have access to newsletters, shifting deals, and loyalty points.

Lidl is launching its first loyalty scheme, which includes the new Lidl Plus app

This marks the first time that Lidl has ever launched a loyalty scheme, according to a news source Brink Wire. Currently in a test phase, the app is expected to launch on September 3, 2020.

Loyalty programs are only one link in the customer loyalty chain, but retailers continue to push the envelope to ensure they keep shoppers coming back.

How will Lidl Plus keep Lidl’s competitive edge sharp? AndNowUKnow will continue to report.