Lucky's Market Opens New Store in Central Florida

Lucky's Market Opens New Store in Central Florida

ORLANDO, FL - Lucky’s Market LLC, which focuses heavily on fresh local, organic, and sustainable foods, is expanding upon its venture into the Sunshine State.

The chain opened its first Florida store, 30,000-square-foot location in Gainesville, in January, and now it is moving forward with a 36,279-square-foot location in West Melbourne, just east of Orlando.

“As the real estate guy, we love the area because of the great 'mojo' going on,” Rick Lewellyan, Lucky’s master broker, wrote to the Orlando Business Journal. He added that the retailer wanted to be sure that its first Orlando location would be a main-and-main one. “The amount of educated, active people in the area is off the charts.”

The store will replace a former Winn-Dixie and will be located near the University of Central Florida, as well as two of Orlando’s busiest roads, according to the report.

The retailer’s first move for this particular market is one it appears to see as a longterm success, having signed on for a 20-year lease for the property, though the amount has not yet been disclosed.

AndNowUKnow will continue to follow this retailer as it focuses on further growth in new markets, so stay tuned.

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