Nature Fresh Farms' Zanelle Hough Discusses Tomato Lineup for SEPC's Southern Exposure

Nature Fresh Farms' Zanelle Hough Discusses Tomato Lineup for SEPC's Southern Exposure

LEAMINGTON, ONTARIO, CANADA - With an impressive lineup on the books, Nature Fresh Farms is ready to hit Southeast Produce Council’s (SEPC) upcoming trade show with a bang. Exceptional plans for its greenhouse-grown tomatoes are on the horizon, so I spoke with Zanelle Hough to learn more about what buyers will find in store for them at this year’s Southern Exposure.

Zanelle Hough, Director of Sales, Nature Fresh Farms“Our focus will be on our snacking tomatoes; particularly our Hiiros and our YOOM®,” the Director of Sales noted. “Hiiros is a variety originally bred for the Japanese market, which views exceptional produce as a gift of honor. Our Hiiros are grown from the finest seeds, and offer a rich umami flavor with a distinguishing level of sweetness that adds depth and complexity of flavor.”

Hiiros also received an Award of Distinction at the 2023 PAC Global Awards, a competition that celebrates brand packaging and innovation.

At this year's PAC Global Awards, Nature Fresh Farms earned an Award of Distinction for its Hiiros™ tomato packaging

Not to be outshone, the YOOM is a powerhouse of nutrients and a daily dose of added vitality.

“With high levels of antioxidants, anthocyanin and lycopene (indicative in its distinguishing deep purple hue), vitamins A and C, magnesium, potassium, and a good source of fiber, the YOOM is an ideal choice for health-minded individuals looking to boost their nutritional intake,” Zanelle remarked.

Along with being incredibly healthy, the YOOM tomato has a unique flavor that Nature Fresh Farms is hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

“This two-bite tomato boasts an intensity and range of flavor from savory to tart with a hint of plum-like sweetness,” Zanelle said.

With such high flavor on the books, the Nature Fresh team is focusing its attention on “Changing the Flavor of Fresh.”

At SEPC Southern Exposure, Nature Fresh Farms will be focusing on its snacking tomatoes, particularly its Hiiros™ and YOOM® offerings

“We want to highlight how greenhouse innovation is providing the market with higher flavor and higher quality produce year-round,” Zanelle added. “We understand that we play a pivotal role in how people nourish themselves, which is why we are committed to advancing greenhouse innovation and sustainable food security to provide healthy, quality, and environmentally friendly produce.”

In addition to its tomato lineup, Nature Fresh Farms shared a brief tease of what’s to come for its strawberry operations.

“In fall of 2023, our 45-acre Ohio expansion will come online, and we’ll be introducing organic greenhouse-grown strawberries to the market. Currently, no one else is growing greenhouse organic strawberries in North America. This allows us to be uniquely well positioned to fill the need in supply,” Zanelle explained. “Furthermore, consumers and retailers alike are seeking organic berry options that provide exceptional quality and flavor and have a consistency in supply. Investing in organic greenhouse-grown berries gives Nature Fresh Farms the opportunity to lead the category.”

To talk shop with this innovative team, be sure to stop by booth #1015 at Southern Exposure.

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