Oppy JAZZ™ Apples Get New Look, Darren Drury and David Nelley Comment

Oppy JAZZ™ Apples Get New Look, Darren Drury and David Nelley Comment

VANCOUVER, BC – Springtime apples are in full swing, with fresh New Zealand-grown JAZZ™ apples arriving in U.S. markets from Oppy. To further boost sales as consumers look for their favorite varieties, the company has announced the apple has a sharp, new look this season, and an attitude geared to drive even strong sales of the top-10 apple.

David Nelley, Vice President, Categories, Oppy“JAZZ ranks third in the list of premium apples for dollar contribution in the produce department,” said David Nelley, Vice President of Categories at Oppy. “Its growth has been steady over the last decade and a half. The refreshed brand will renew existing connections with JAZZ apples as well as build new ones across North America.”

The new brand is built around the powerful positioning of “The JAZZ Sensation.” According to a press release, the brand looks to elevate the always refreshing eating experience delivered by the tangy-sweet, intensely crunch apple. The new brand encompasses a new logo and visual components, primed to stand out in the market with contemporary colors, eye-catching graphics, and a compelling brand message.

 This fresh new crop of Jazz™ Apples have a fresh new look.

The new JAZZ label also features the ENZA quality mark, which provides assurance to consumers and retailers that the long-standing quality and eating experience of JAZZ has not changed.

The new brand was first introduced by the trademark owner and one of New Zealand’s largest horticulture exporters, T&G Global, at Fruit Logistica this past February. Since then, the brand has been rolled out market-by-market to great enthusiasm.

Darren Drury, Executive General Manager - Pipfruit, T&G Global“Our consumer research identified an opportunity to reinvigorate our JAZZ brand to reinforce its premium position,” Darren Drury, Executive General Manager - Pipfruit of T&G Global, explained. “We operate in a highly competitive category, so it’s vital to remain relevant while appealing to new consumers. Having discussed it with our growers, sales agents and customers we felt the time was right for a global refresh.”

T&G also stated that the refresh of JAZZ also represents a major investment by the company that extends across all touch points, from packing, to promotions and sampling, to digital platforms. JAZZ apples originated in New Zealand, following a natural union of Royal Gala and Braeburn varieties. 16 years later, it’s become a global sensation, growing in 10 counties under a closely controlled quality program managed by T&G Global, originally Turners & Growers.

Jazz™ Apple retail carton.

“We’ve built up a stronger presence in our key markets and our people are better placed to further support our customers and work alongside growers on our year-round growing program,” Drury said. “We are also looking for new growth opportunities. It’s an exciting time for JAZZ and we’re looking forward to sharing our new-look journey with customers, growers and consumers.”

T&G also stated that it is pleased with the consistent growth and demand for JAZZ across traditional markets that include Germany, the UK, and the U.S., along with newer markets such as Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Japan.

This season’s crop of New Zealand JAZZ apples will be available soon from Oppy, and supported by high-impact custom promotions arranged in partnership with retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. JAZZ apples are also available from CMI Orchards and Rainier Fruit Company during the domestic season.

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